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  1. Hi There I own a Canon G9 with Canon housing for 3 Years already and now I want to carry my EOS 7D down to make some really nice shots I´m still unsure if Nauticam or Hugyfot but sure for below 60m ... now to my question: I own a 24-70mm Canon 2,8 L USM and I think it´s quite universal - big advantage - longest focal length of the lens is on it´s short end - so upside down. I didn´t find it in any of the catalogs nor in any forum - I can´t understand that , because the Sigma 17-70mm appears quite often. I own a Canon 100mm Macro too , but I would prefer to be a little more flexible ... Is there any way to fit my lens into a Dome or do i have to get rid of the idea to use that lens ? ( if so please explain short why ) Is there maybe a Housing which fits the Battery handle for the camera too ? ( range 90-100m ) Thanks Sebastian
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