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  1. The Canon Mark III price has been reduced to $3,000 USD plus S&H the Big Blue lights are reduced to $250/each plus S&H.
  2. Canon Mark III sigma 15mm f 2.8 fisheye lens aquatica 500' rated housing canon mark III sigma 15mm f2.8 len aquatica 500 foot upgraded housing water sensor side ball plate for arms hard mounted ball joints for arms aquatica 6" dome focus ring $3500 USD plus shipping meticulous looked after, camera has never been out of the housing. housing has never been flooded. all components always carried on the plane for travel .can also sell as a fully ready kit with arms and lights. housing went back to aquatica for annual service in 2018 big blue 7500 video lights x 2 with ball joint and "goodman" gloves 6 x clamps 2 long arm components 2 short arm components $700 plus shipping All items are sold CONUS ONLY camera 22.pdf camera 1.pdf camera 55.pdf camera 88.pdf lights 22.pdf lights 11.pdf
  3. can you send me an email? scubagrunt@gmail.com thanks mel
  4. Hi Guys, i put pictures and video in one dvd after trips. the quality sucks, and i realize it is me and not the machine who has the problem. what rendering settings are you using to get good quality dvd's that are not too big to put on a dvd. i am using a sony HD video camera so the video is HD and the stills are high quality. but when i render and burn the video is very grainy and sucks. help please!! thanks mel scubagrunt@gmail.com
  5. Hi Board i have a few slave questions: I have two sea&sea ys 110 strobes. I want to use them as slaves. The on-board slave sensor sucks, so I am thinking about a Heinrich trigger. Here are my questions: What is the difference between the Heinrich RSU and digital adaptor? Can both be used to trigger a slave? Can I use a sync cord that has an ikelite housing fitting for the Heinrich RSU? Or do they only come in the nikonas housing fitting type? Another tropic i am considering buying another strobe. i want the most powerful strobe. a friend had a portable sun in mexico, this strobe was amazing, it was all metal and i think made in germany, any ideas or help would be welcome. thanks mel
  6. i'm 100% with you on this!! i am tired of having to share my seat with larger passengers and then to add salt to my injuries force me to pay extra for bags!!! mel ps us smaller people are penalized for our size also, think about a typical tech dive where i have to carry excess of 200-300 pounds of gear, when i weigh 125 pounds. or think about how it feels to share your seat with a large person for 6+ hours. this could get quite hot this topic, but the bottom line is when the airlines cite weight as being the problem for their increasing costs then they need to take a look at the whole package. they should not penalize larger people (assuming they can fit in one seat) but perhaps offer a bonus for smaller people like 50 pounds free. yea i know while i am dreaming here why dont i ask for a pony too!!
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