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  1. I am rather amused reading this thread. I did have an ikelite housing needing repair. Here in Asia there is an online shop called Ikelite Asia but as it turned out it is just a dealer and not ikelite with a Asia office so no repair shop here. My housing have to be send back to the US by another dealer for repair and shipping was not a small sum. Why is ikelite allowing their name used like this is puzzling. What is even more puzzling is why ikelite not make the product right in the first place and works without breaking down or one have to fiddle with the controls. Setting up repair centres definitely help to reduce shipping cost but that is no solution for poor products. The design should improve as well but this is sadly not the case. B Ling
  2. That's what i thought the strobe snoot is made of. They look exactly the same and cost just a few dollars. A friend already bought one to try. It looked sturdy enough. He used a plumbing pipe reducer at the front end and velcro tape at the other. He even made two diameter pipes that slides to adjust the light spot. Works just like a strobe snoot to me. I am very surprised too on how easy it is to source a ready made snoot with the honeycomb block. For a few bucks i will go DIY too. A whole lot of fun trying and not alot to lose. I will report back once I made one. Sorry I am new here and may be this post should be in the DIY section.
  3. Looks like I found the source of the snoots......See link: http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/studio-flash-snoot.html Cheers B Ling
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