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  1. thanks for all the help, i just ordered the book and will check out the webpage later tonight, im in iraq right now so i have a few months before i really start getting into everything, but that gives me plenty of time to read up. ill also be looking for some new lenses for the digital and keep my eyes out for a used housing -dan-
  2. my current lenses that i use are a 24-105 f/4L and 300 f/4L, im not sure how practical these would be for underwater, especially the 300mm, but im ALWAYS willing to buy more lenses. the ikelite was what i was looking at but couldnt find one for the digital on ebay, guess ill keep looking, i believe it is the digital rebel xt. still planning on getting the one for film cause its only 200 dollars. also i was wondering how different it is shooting in water as opposed to land. i would also know what kind of lighting equipment i would need and if it would be different for digital and film or if the same lights would work. im sorry i have no idea of anything when it comes to underwater. thanks -dan- p.s. film will never die
  3. hello all first of all im very new to underwater photography and would like some advice please. i have a canon rebel200 (yes i still use film) and was looking for a housing, i was thinking the ikelite #6773. has anyone had any experience with this housing if so any pros or cons or better recommendations? also i have no idea of what kind of lighting to use underwater, or what would fit this specific housing. i also have a digital rebel i cant for the life of me think of which model since i dont have it with me now. also does anyone know if they make housings for medium format cameras? thanks for any advice -dan-
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