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  1. Great photo and thanks for sharing about the application. Thanks Karen
  2. Hello Happy Easter firstly! I am looking to replace my Epson R1800 and have been searching through the topics here but they are all quite aged. I wont be printing larger than the 13 x 19 format so have been looking at just getting the Epson R2000 or the HP Photosmart B9180. Would be grateful for any advice or comments regarding the above or other printers within that price range? Many thanks Karen
  3. This is also a ecological disaster in Christmas Island, Aus, where the baby red crabs are returning from sea.
  4. Would also add Antihistamine for bug bites and stings if needed. Steri strips Good list though, thanks
  5. Stunning dolphin photos, a difference to see the night shots.
  6. HI All Does anyone know how to contact Fred? I know he merged with someone a couple of years ago, but would like to get an up to date email address? Many thanks Karen
  7. Great news for the end of 2010, conservation achievements are gaining momentum and I hope they continue for 2011. Happy Holidays
  8. Good points Drew, I do check everything, I even gave up Worcestershire sauce (a British favourite). Not everyone has to go this far, sustainable choices are important, and each person should and can make their own choices.
  9. I think it also depends on the area you live, small islands obviously only have so many resources as well as ways to maintain sustainable levels when such a high percentage of the population will naturally eat fish. The seafood guides do not really work for the restaurants here in the way they do in the US or Europe. We try and work with the restaurants and commercial and sports fishermen here, to monitor their catches and to protect certain species from exploitation, however tourists travel to these islands to eat as much fresh fish as they can. We even put out newsletters to operators on the status of certain species especially by catch species and for example lobster sizes. It would be good to be able to put out some general information for tourists to be able to make sustainable choices whilst they are here on holiday. For me its easy, I eat nothing from the ocean, rivers or streams.
  10. HI I dove for several years wearing a variety of leg braces after having surgeries to repair my mcl, acl and patella tendon. The neoprene one with the doughnut in it always felt strange in the water especially under the wetsuit. The best way I compensated was to have my leg taped by a sports physio properly so it supports the areas of movement that the ligament would normally follow. Then I would tubigrip it and wear it under my wetsuit. Main thing was getting in and out of the water, kicking was never an issue once I was underwater. I still have to do this sometimes. Hope this helps and good luck for the dive. Karen
  11. Thanks Ryan. Contacted Aquanaut but they can only send it to Japan....... hoping for something a little quicker and will see what we can do. Appreciate it though
  12. Hello I have tried looking up on the internet for a repair center in Oceania but have not had any luck, my D200 housing just sprung two minor leaks, one on the focus mode dial and one on the plate that holds the sync chord connectors. First week of shooting the whales, and the housing is just over a year old. Anyone know a repair center in Australia or New Zealand or can tell me if there is a way I can repair these myself? All help appreciated, really bummed. Thanks Karen
  13. "Single, the strobe, not me" ???? Glad to see your pics again, nice shots Mikey.
  14. I would second Matt Reed, he has a great set up and is very experienced. Hope you have fun and say hi to him from me. Karen
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