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  1. It do the same to use my Samyang 8mm fisheye underwater. I use a standard zoom ring to change the manual aperture. No duct-tape, but window seal to make a custom adapter. I did the same with a Tokina 10-17 and an x1.4 extender.
  2. Contact the original poster at the beginning of the thread (page 1).
  3. It should work on basically any camera with a hotshoe.
  4. Wetpixel moderators' posts cann't be 'liked' and this is too bad. Thank you for the tip, Adam ! Link for more info : http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere-elements.html
  5. Great idea, thank you for sharing. I need to do the same on my Hugyfot housing !
  6. Any updates on the system ?
  7. Sorry for stating the obvious. I guess you should set your aperture to f/22 (at 10mm), check the actual aperture of the diaphragm by looking through the front of the lens. Then do the same at a different focal length and see if the diaphragm is smaller (or different).
  8. http://imaging.nikon.com/lineup/dslr/d7000/compatibility03.htm Button 6 : Depth-of-field preview button
  9. PM Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk Hi Daniel,I am interested in the flash. I am located in France. Cheers, François Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. As a Canon dSLR APS-C shooter, willing to switch to mirroless, this is a good news. Let us know how the EOS-M3 behaves if you get it !
  11. Great pictures ! I might do the same or bring a tight wetsuit.
  12. I do not know Chris, nor Sven, but I am happy dealing with Pascal Eeckhoudt. Maybe he can help you out. Sending you his contact in PM.
  13. Same here in the Channel ! Thank you for sharing those green water picture. You might wanna change your preview, as they do not display well and links only lead to small previews. I went to your flickr page directly, which I already know about.
  14. Thank you for the info. Do you apply any noise reduction ?
  15. Hi, cool green/cold water pictures, I like ! I guess you used the panasonic 8mm. How high did you crank the ISO up ?
  16. Nothing to add, but thank you for the info ! I have been thinking about getting extenders for a while. The hugyfot button solution would make a great match with my housing.
  17. Thank you for the second picture ! The vignetting is not too bad, like you said. Especially for someone who would focus close, it is totally useable. Even when the vignetting occurs, it could be cropped to 3:2. This is how I would use it anyway.
  18. Thank you for the tip with the rubber band. Would have an underwater "focused" image though ?
  19. I too find it cumbersome to travel with the 550D and aluminum housing ! Thank you for your feedback. Say no more !
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