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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to diving having only started last September, though quickly realising my then-cam was pants I scouted around and plumped for the Canon Ixus 100 IS. I don't have an unlimited budget and they seemed to get pretty good reviews. I picked up a secondhand WP-DC31. It's 18 months old and I'm assured it worked for the guy who sold it to me down to a depth of 40m (though I think it's only meant to go to 30?!). Its a bit mucky but the o-ring looks in good shape and having tested it (only in the sink so far, admittedly) I'm getting no bubbles. It was only £50 so I thought it was a bargain. However, realising it's now due for a service, I got a quote, and was a bit downhearted to find the service alone would be £80 (should have found this out before, I know). So now I'm left with a bit of a quandry as I can pick up a new one for £145. I'm weighing up whether to sell it on and go with that option (there certainly seemed plenty of interest), or have a go at servicing it myself. I can pick up a refurbed Ixus 100 for £90, so I don't feel the servicing would be cost effective. However, I have no instruction manual. Has anyone out there serviced a WP-DC31 themselves? Is it just a case of getting to the little o-rings in the buttons and lubricating them or is there more involved? How do you get to the little o-rings in the buttons to lubricate them, exactly? Inside there are little black stoppers and I'm not sure how to remove them. Testing will be an issue. My next dive trip isn't until September. I do live beside the sea, but the diving's too cold for me here. I was considering weighting it and lowering it down to test, maybe in a crab net? Or is that nuts? Should I just go with option A and resell? What do you guys think? I'd be grateful for your opinions. Please try to speak slowly. I am a bit blonde.
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