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  1. You're an awesome spouse- u/w photography would be a great gift. You should consider what kind of camera your husband already owns. It probably makes more sense to find a housing to fit the camera he already has (or find the camera if there's a good deal on the housing). Here's a link to what you need for a full kit. If you're looking to get your husband in the water shooting, then you/he can take great shots with just: a point & shoot camera ($100-200) a housing for that camera ($100-200) a strobe ($200-400) and cable *I'm just making an estimate of prices. If your husband enjoys photography with a fancier DSLR, then the parts list is about the same, but you would have to consider a housing that allows you to change ports to accommodate different lenses. DSLR camera housing for the DSLR ($1000+ new). Brands include Ikelite, Nauticam, Sea & Sea. ports and sleeves that fit your different lenses ($150) strobe(s) and cable(s) arms and tray to connect camera and stobes (~$100) What I have posted above includes: 1 (if interested), 2, 3, 4 (partial). But if your husband doesn't own/doesn't like/plans to use a different camera than a Canon Rebel 350D, then you don't want the housing I posted.
  2. I'm not diving as much as I would hope these days, so it's time for spring cleaning. Ikelite housing (#6871.35) for Canon 350D Rebel XT - $550 Includes: - universal zoom set (#5503.28) for lenses 2.8-3.3" (7.1-8.4 cm). - extra o-rings and parts - aluminum base tray The housing has never flooded. If you don’t already have the parts, you will need to get your own dome, strobe(s), strobe cord, and strobe arms. (I can add the Canon 350D Rebel XT for $150 if interested.) 6” dome port (#5503.51) for Canon 17-40mm or Tokia 12-24mm lenses - $150 See all the lenses that fit this port. Ikelite DS-200 (#4062.2) - $700 TTL strobe with diffuser, battery pack, charger with universal adapters. The timing is good- I tested it today. http://www.backscatter.com/sku/IKE-4062.2.lasso $50 off of two items or $100 off everything. Buyer pays for shipping method of choice. Paypal accepted. Cross-posted on ScubaBoard. Photo taken with the housing + Canon 350D + Ikelite DS200 strobe
  3. Still looking for an Ikelite housing for 350D?
  4. Hey Mark, Do you have the Ikelite TTL Dual Sync Cord to go with those strobes? If so, are you interested in selling that individually?
  5. I've got a similar question concerning the strobe arms from Opticaloceansales.com. They advertise arms and ball clamps that are a LOT cheaper than anything I've seen for more familiar brands (i.e. Ikelite), averaging about $24 for the clamps and $10 for the arms apiece. The arms are black-anodized aluminum and only seem to be sold with the 1" diameter balls. Anyone have any experience with these? Are they sturdy?
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