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  1. are you willing to sell just the camera body and housing?
  2. hi are you willing to sell anything individually? i am interested in buying the camera and the housing if you were willing to sell seperately cheers craig
  3. how do i do the autofocus lock on the d70 in a subal housing? thanks john, swimming pool sounds like a good idea, especially since i predominantly shore dive across 100ft of hardpan before getting to the dive sites
  4. i have a nikon d70 with a 105mm lens the strobes are seas and seas 110a's, i think i found one of the problems, for some reason i had turned my strobe power down almost to nothing so i guess thats why the shots dont look like a strobe has fired i have my camera set to autofocus mode - dynamic area (should i change this to closest subject or single area) hopefully gonna head to the reef this afternoon for more practice, so will try all suggestions...i do have a ficus light also but it wasnt on the dive with me
  5. here are two of my photos from today with the first one i like the shape of the jawhead but the color seems bad and the background is really boring and bland (shot at f13 1/200) the second one again the colour seems flat and also i really seem to strugle to get the sharp focus in the right area, i just coulddnt seem to get the lens to focus on the eyes with this composition....any ideas (f13 1/200)
  6. Hi everyone Finally got my new 105mm lens into the water for the first time today, have been shooting with a 60mm for the last year or so Was a tricky first dive, tried my luck with some yellow headed jawfish but the colors seemed mostly crap and then moved on to some coral polyps but they turned out very flat Anyone got any suggestions on where i should start with this lens, i realy love shots with black backgrounds but i seem to be messing up with my strobe placements every single shot Just some starter points swould be great Oh and i also have one of those woody's diopters as i love abstract macro but again most of the coral polyp shots i was going for turned out rubbish please help!
  7. thanks for the info you've made me feel better about possibly going for the older lens, im not really concerned about how quickly or slowly the lens hunt but quality was important for me is there a port that allows you to use this older lens in maunal aswell as autofocus modes? not sure if i can get anything together within 8 days but would possibly be interested in purchasing the used 105mm and port from you, are you leaving on a trip or leaving for good? craig
  8. hi everyone i'm looking to add a 105mm lens to my nikon set can anyone tell me the major differences, pros and cons wise between the nikon 105mm af-s vr and the nikon 105 f/2.8D the reason i ask is the the price differnce between the 2 is a lot and since i am trying to save money so i can get the port for my subal aswell this is a major factor for me, however if the vr is the better lens by a country mile then i may just keep on saving for a wee while longer....any thoughts craig <h1 class="parseasinTitle"> </h1>
  9. Hi all I am about to purchase a Kenko Teleplus 1.4X Converter for my D70 I am going to use it with a 60mm lens however i was wondering if it would fit inside my flat port FC-60 also will i able to use the autofocus on the lens when coupling it with the teleconverter any info would be appreciated cheers craig
  10. Hi all Hope someone can help point me in the right direction regarding a telecoverter for my newly bought (and first ever photo rig) second hand set-up I currently have a Nikon d70 in a Subal housing with a 60mm lens i'm looking to get a teleconverter to help with my macro photos i have looked on ebay and some dedicated underwater photos shops and the prices vary greatly from something like this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/2x-AF-Teleconverter-Le...t=Camera_Lenses (hope i'm allowed to post this) to somewhere in the region of 500 dollars on some underwater photo sites? What should i be looking for? Also what extension ring do i need for my subal to accomodate the lens Cheers Craig
  11. hi andy do you have any pics of the lens? craig
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