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  1. Hi all, I would like to ask you how often you have your uv-housing serviced? And whether you do it yourselves, have it done by your dealer or a third option? Lars_N
  2. I presently I use a Nano Mini as focus light which is OK for macro shooting with a 60mm lens. Going to bigger distences I need a more powerfull / wider light but it seems that none of the more popular focus lights shut off when the strobes fire (as the Nano does). I guess this is not an issue in clear water however I am concerned about the silty Water I normally dive in (Denmark) will create backscatter. Does anyone have experience whether this is an issue?
  3. Hi, Anybody out there who use memory cards with built-in Wi-Fi? The idea was to keep the camera in the UW-housing for more dives without having to open the UW-housing and still being able to upload / see the pictures on the computer.
  4. Knowing that some photographers prefers the electric connection requiring a hotshoe on the housing and find that this is the only right system there is also an increasing number of photographers preferring the optical system. There are pros and cons for both systems but I think it is worth mentioning that where previously DSLR cameras (almost) only had the electrical system most of them now also have an option for the optical method.
  5. For some reason Ikelite has chosen to place the flash diffusor against the uw housing; this means that you have the ligth source far from the end of the port so when you shoot macro's the port will cast a shadow over a large part of the subject. With this in mind I understand that this is not found useful. I am not fully aware of how the Patima system is with regards to the flash diffusor but trust this is also close to the uw housing. The Canon solution is to place the diffusor at the end of the port so the light is spread from there and the shadow subsequently much smaller. However the Ikelite housing (I have one for my Canon S90) has a groove in the middle of the port and having seen that I simply increased the diameter of the scalloped part of the diffusor so it is possible to place the diffusor in the groove. Here it is much closer to the port end, the shadow much smaller and this housing subsequently fairly useful for macro.
  6. Hi Steve, This is a great set-up; I have used a Canon S90 in an Ikelite housing for approximately one year and is very happy about this As I am shooting mostly in the dark green Danish waters I almost always use a strobe so I cannot specify settings for natural light shooting. But a suggestion is to start out with the auto-mode, read the settings history, use the same settings in manual mode for a start and work your way out from there. The manual for the Ikelite housing (which is a part of the package) contains recommandations to settings for the Canon S90 if you use a flash. Despite many stating the opposite I find the internal flash is quite usable for macro shooting! Included in the housing package is a flash diffusor. This is designed for being placed on the port directly agains the front of the camera. However when placed here the port will cast a shadow over the pictures if you are close to the subject. I enhanced the scaloped section of the diffusor enabling me to mount it in the recess in the middle of the port. In this position you can get significantly closer to the subject without getting a shadow. Most of my photos (see the link below) have been taken with the Canon S90 (the remaining part with a Canon IXUS 870).
  7. Hi, Does anybody out there have any experience with installing a vacuum system (Hugycheck, Housing Sentry, ???) in the Nauticam NA-D7000? Best regards, Lars www.uwp-lan.dk
  8. Being in the process of upgrading from a point and shoot to DSLR I have seen the various UW-housing manufacturers stating what they do to prevent leakage. But does anybody out there have any input about what is the main cause for leaks? Is it hair / sand in the seal, damaged O-ring, cracks in the housing, broken parts, ports falling of, accidental opening of doors, or ????? Thank you, Lars_N My UW photos: www-uwp-lan.dk
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