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  1. IMO, not a bummer at all. I had one of their housings several generations ago. The ergonomics and usability were awful. I have since happily paid more for better quality.
  2. I've been anticipating this, as an EM-1 Mk II user. It does look possible that an EM-1 Mk II housing could work, except moving those two buttons and adding the joystick effectively rules it out. I will say that the in-camera fisheye correction is interesting, and better autofocus is always welcome. The in-camera ND filter is interesting on land. But overall, there's not enough here for me to upgrade.
  3. Chris, I defer to your experience. Clearly I should have said "in my experience, that hasn't happened yet"!
  4. The Philippines announced on Sunday that it would institute mandatory 14 day quarantine for arrivals from China, including Hong Kong, even if only in transit. The FSM ban is the same, even if only transit, for travellers from any country, not only China with confirmed cases. This includes the US! It's going to get worse. My organization is working daily with the WHO to advise countries across Asia and the predictions are dire. Not for fatalities (this is not a particularly dangerous virus) but for economic disruption. I have staff stuck in multiple countries with no way to get home.
  5. No, that doesn't happen. I've been using the EM1 mk II with the LM3 flash for two years, and before that the EM5 with the LM2 flash (which is very similar) for 5 years. No flash has ever "become disconnected". It's even less likely in the housing where everything is snugly fitted. Now, the LM3 isn't a robust unit and I've replaced it due to electrical failure, which I am not happy about, but that is different from self-disconnection!
  6. Just leave them on shore. Once in the housing there is no need for a lens cap and there is also no need to put the strobe diffusers on and off, leave them in place
  7. I don't know why you would want to sync at 1/8000. The flash duration is much shorter than that so you don't need such a high shutter speed. And for what it is worth, I've been using the same fiber optic cables for over 10 years, about 1000 dives, without a breakage. Compared to the Seacams, a pair of Z330s would save enough money to afford new cables every year for life!
  8. Hi Kevin - Apologies, I missed your message last month. Anyway, not, the front of your port has 67mm threads. This is still available and I can bring it to the US in 3 weeks for free shipping
  9. What are often called "sea snakes"are in fact kraits, so you're on the right track. Hard to tell which species without seeing the head, I suppose.
  10. If you are using the 60mm macro lens, there is no difference in imaging between the dedicated port and the 12-50 port. They are both flat and within a couple of mm of each other in length. I still sometimes try to get the front of the port or diopter as close to the subject as possible for maximum magnification. But honestly, I usually get better images by standing off a bit, and cropping to taste later.
  11. I had both the +5 and the +10 diopters but on a m4/3 system with a 60mm lens so my experience will not be directly transferable to your DX system so take it for what is worth. The extra magnification of the +10 made a very big difference for the smallest subjects, however, the shorter working distance increased the challenges of getting close enough and lighting the subject. On my system, the front of the diopter needed to be within about 50mm of the subject, which could be really tough with a pair of strobes in a tight space. I got rid of the +10 and now use only the +5. I can crop into the frame if needed. Finally, the flip adapter is indeed a great thing to have, screwing those diopters on and off while under is a pain in the neck!
  12. Yes, I should have mentioned that I use longer arms, even for macro, so I can get 4 Stix jumbo floats on my rig. Even with those, it's about 0.5 kg negative, which honestly is fine even on long dives. I would not want it much more negative, so I totally get the point about offsetting heavy video lights.
  13. Stix (or similar) floats are a more flexible and much less expensive alternative to rigid arms. Four jumbo floats provide about 750 grams of buoyancy. The adjustable float belt for ports can provide up to about 1 kg of buoyancy. I like the ability to adjust total buoyancy to each port. Keldan makes a cool float / clamp device with a standard 1" ball joint but it is hella expensive
  14. Very nice! Your footage has all of the "greatest hits" a diver would hope to see there. Well done
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