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  1. We went to Myanmar a couple of years ago (though to different destinations). Four factors were key. First, transit through BKK onto Bangkok Airways is always a pleasure, they are so much nicer than the big national carriers. Second, contact hotels for airport pickup, don’t use airport taxis if they can be avoided, although they are fine in town. Third arrange with your first hotel in Yangon or wherever to set up with a local tour operator for longer trips by domestic airlines and a private vehicle and driver at the other end, they are affordable and reliable. Fourth, bring lots of shiny new USD in small denominations to deal with currency mismatches, many places will only take dollars and paying for tickets etc in kip is a constant annoyance. It is a beautiful and fascinating country, highly recommended.
  2. All agreed, especially on the EM-1x. I really enjoy my EM-1 mk II on land and underwater so I’ll pick up a spare body as cheap insurance and to ensure I can keep using my current housing. By the time that’s all obsolete, who knows what new tech will arrive? I’m sure an upgrade will be irresistible in due course, it just won’t be from Olympus
  3. I agree about some peculiar choices, that is for sure. I believe the attempt to compete higher up the food chain is probably what killed them. I don’t agree that they stopped investing 3 years ago, as the EM-1x (and trickledown tech to the EM1 mk III) and the forthcoming 100-400 lens will show, but most m4/3 users were never going to go there with them. Regarding telephoto, I was referring to the combination of 7.5 stop in-body image stabilization, 2x crop factor, and relatively smaller lenses. I don’t know about others, but I cannot hand hold a DSLR at 1200mm equivalent but I can do it with the Oly 300mm lens and 2x teleconverter and get sharp images.
  4. I’m saddened as Olympus has long developed innovative tech, and I love its ecosystem specifically for macro and long telephoto. But my cameras and lenses didn’t stop working when they made the announcement, so I’ll keep using them until they do, hopefully a long time from now. I’ll also pick up a spare camera body and the remaining Pro lens that I don’t ready own when people start dumping them, maybe even at a discount!
  5. I follow this terrific group on YT, Mc2 Photography, they often cover wildlife photography, and offer courses in Skye and on expeditions, which might be interesting to you: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPGVcUjuoNmZopQcMsoo1Ww https://www.mc2photography.com
  6. After soaking and pushing all the buttons a few times, still under water, use a rocket blower on all the buttons and levers and hard-to-reach areas. It works a treat to get rid of water that would otherwise dry and leave spots.
  7. None required at Malapascua or anywhere else in the Philippines, just a daily dive pass which usually costs about USD 5.
  8. For me, air integration and wrist mount are the key parameters. That way all the info is right in my line of site at all times without needing to pick up a separate gauge. I have used a Mares Icon for about 5 years and like it. It’s bigger and heavier than some, but I like a big screen and all the info you could want is on screen or one button push away. The integrated compass is good and the color coding of various functions is more useful than you might think. You can even pre-load maps of dive sites, if you can find them. The dive log is comprehensive. There are similar style computers from Shearwater, Suunto, and Scubapro that I would consider next.
  9. At the risk of hijacking this excellent post: Oh hell yeah, I’d take a ride in a sub in a heartbeat! I am absolutely riveted by those videos that get posted every once in a while with the voice overs by scientists. If it was possible to buy a seat, I would.
  10. Agreed, I really enjoyed watching this. At first I was surprised at the choice not to correct white balance, but I think you decided not to correct it to show the real experience of deep descent and I believe that worked well. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Regarding strobes, the S2000 are great for macro but that is about it, they really don't cover much wide angle shooting. I'm guessing the same about the YYS-01 but haven't used those. I'd suggest buying one more capable strobe like a Z240 to start, then getting a second when you can. It's certainly possible to get great macro and even CFWA with one strobe.
  12. Hmmm. That is definitely not normal. I have the E-M1 mk II (and before that a E-M5) and that has not occurred with either of mine. I would try to have it serviced.
  13. Have a look over here: The impact of DSLR APSC Phase Out on Underwater Photography
  14. You got some great shots there! Nice critters, beautiful compositions, and very impressive lighting technique. I dive Anilao year round but haven't been able to go since January, so thanks for the virtual visit
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