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  1. Wow indeed! I was thinking at first the the cave image was worth the price of admission alone, but there is not a single image in the set that is less than stunning. Glad I did not have to judge them!
  2. What Chris said. At these macro ranges, working distance becomes the determining factor in usability, particularly with lighting. I find it better to pull back a bit with a lower power diopter then crop later if I want a closer look. I also miss fewer shots due to the very shallow plane of focus. With a D850 you've got plenty of resolution to crop. I know the satisfaction of getting the shot in camera though!
  3. I'm not even remotely trying to make money with my photography (nor am I good enough to do so) so am happy to donate them to good causes. Depending on the destination i may or may not request credit, but in general I default to credit. I would not want to compete with working professionals so only donate to nonprofits and volunteers. My organization has a large environmental program and one component is on oceans, so I and a few others give them images for publications and web pages. The UW photographers tend to be well known as we are always prattling on and showing images around on phones and tablets at coffee breaks and social events!
  4. As usual, great advice from the guys. Use it like any other lens, composition is what matters unless you are doing science. If your camera allows, use the smallest single focus point possible. At this magnification, it's easy for the autofocus to miss your intended target with anything else.
  5. I like having a dedicated battery charger, rather than competing for one of the USBs that we never seen to bring enough of. I've had the same Maha charger that Chris linked for about 10 years, and it has kept a couple dozen Eneloops in great condition. If it also charged 18650s it would be perfect.
  6. This is a beautiful video overall, with excellent macro sequences. Thanks for sharing! Now that I am back in this part of the world, I will have to get re-acquainted with cold water diving. It's going to be a shock after 30+ years in the tropics.
  7. Nice work on those portraits! I use the same lens but have not managed to get clean shots at that distance. What was your strobe placement for these? Knowing the waters around Anilao, you must have needed a lot of patience, and considerable time in editing to remove backscatter.
  8. Your three points are exactly correct. They are difficult buggers to capture! Your first shot above looks salvageable to me, if shot in RAW, with careful editing. I have had limited success as John describes, sneaking up and holding my breath, with strobes raised up high and at full extension forward (like insect antennae). Sometimes they will pop up more quickly than others. It doesn't always work. is your local patch the back side of Sombrero? That is where I used to find them regularly.
  9. It's possible that the housing needs servicing. There could be a borderline condition that the vacuum pushes over the edge.If one button is a little sticky, it may cause others to not activate. I had this happen once with the shutter trigger on my Nauticam.
  10. I've had both the 12-50 and 14-42 lenses and to be honest both are OK but neither is very special. I got many decent macro shots with the 12-50, and both will take decent fish portraits. Wide angle with these lenses through a flat port doesn't work well at all. Since I heeded the advice of many to decide on wide vs macro and stick with it for the entire dive, it's been easier to find good targets and compositions as my mindset is in the right place. The 60 macro lens is excellent and so is the 7-14 zoom in the right port. Sure there will always be something that I can't shoot when i dive this way, but in the end, I've made much better images.
  11. Anilao hasn't been lacking divers, it's been open for domestic visitors since August 2020. My last visit was in July this year and the dive sites and resorts were as busy as ever. I do think that the fishing pressure has increased due to the economic hardships and lack of alternative opportunities that people are still facing. But the diving is still very good!
  12. Wonderful! The huge schools of different species are impressive. I just get there. Although I would have been a bit nervous to be so close to tigers, and I'm not a big fan of titan triggers either. Thanks a for sharing.
  13. That second shot is spectacular. You really nailed the lighting. Well done.
  14. I'm in the m4/3 Olympus camp with Chris, for both size and weight and for the advantages it brings to macro and telephoto shooting. The pro series lenses are brilliant and I love the 60mm macro. I agree that low light performance isn't as good as DX or FX, but thats not an issue with strobes and the sensor is more than good enough for my needs. The limiting factor is the wetware directly behind the viewfinder!
  15. Very nice! Thanks for sharing
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