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  1. Hi, I have a M67 flip holder for sale, $150 plus shipping. If interested please let me know. Thanks
  2. You can use the hosting site of your choice (for example photos on Flickr and videos on Vimeo) then embed them here using the "link" function in the tool bar
  3. We’re looking for property on one of the islands now, so if you’ve got any tips they would be much appreciated! After watching the video again, my only critique is that some of the jump cuts are a bit too quick for my taste. I get that they are well timed to the soundtrack but when the image is only seen for a second or two I struggled to identify it. The rest of the mix between macro and others is perfect.
  4. I have the same camera but have not experienced your issue with any lens combination. What are your focus settings, MF only or MF + AF?
  5. Wonderful! Really great cinematography and editing, and good choice of soundtrack. I learned to dive in the Sound a long time ago, but haven’t been in cold water since. This whets my appetite for when we will finally return to the PNW later this year. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Check out the offerings at fstoppers.com. There are several you might like, including the series by Elia Locardi. Some well known photographers also offer one to one tutorials over Skype, see Mark Denney on YT for example. Also look up Photography Online on YT - it's more like a well-produced long-format TV show than the typical videos on that platform, and very enjoyable and packed with tips including regular features on manual settings.
  7. I guess I wasn’t clear. To over simplify, vaccines may not prevent subsequent infection, they prevent serious illness. So a person can get jabbed, later become infected with or without serious symptoms, and transmit the virus. I certainly did not mean to suggest vaccines cause infections!
  8. People who’ve been vaccinated have been infected. So while they may not become seriously ill, they remain vectors.
  9. Thanks a lot Chris. That article is quite a lot to take in but does seem definitive.
  10. Thanks. According to that forum, they are H. apolegma
  11. Yet another RoRo vessel aground in the Philippines, this one at Maricaban island about 5 km across the straight from Anilao. It wrecked back in September after 3 typhoons in 3 weeks. These vessels never go through this straight so I guess it was seeing refuge from rougher seas, but what the heck was it doing at sea during a typhoon in the first place?! I have searched regularly for news, as it has now been there for about 5 months with no signs of a salvage operation, but can't find anything. This company has form by the way, they put their vessels on the rocks around the islands regularly. I really hope it doesn't turn into an environmental disaster.
  12. Hi all. I got back in the water last weekend and spotted what may be two rare or possibly even new species of Hypselodoris. First, H. unicornii: Then on another site, H. menageatroisia: Just kidding, of course. What I really want to know is whether these are H. bulockii or H. apolegma. I cannot tell them apart from web searches. Also by the way, what's happened to Nudipixel? The old site has been down for a long time and I will not go to FB for this (or anything else). Thanks!
  13. To be clear, the "fine" for extending a Philippine Tourist visa is not a backhander it is official, charged by immigration at the airport on departure. We've done it a few times for visitors. It's about US$40 for every month over the 30 days. But it can cause a lot or a little of extra time and uncertainty when catching a flight out.
  14. I’d recommend caution on that point. There are other credible studies that indicate asymptotic transmission could account for half of all cases. Unfortunately there is still much uncertainty.
  15. This might be an obvious point, but look into visa requirements as part of your search. Some countries have special retiree visas for extended stays while others may enforce the typical 30 day limit more or less strictly. Here the limit can be extended over and over by paying a nominal “fine”, elsewhere you may have to leave and re-enter.
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