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  1. None required at Malapascua or anywhere else in the Philippines, just a daily dive pass which usually costs about USD 5.
  2. For me, air integration and wrist mount are the key parameters. That way all the info is right in my line of site at all times without needing to pick up a separate gauge. I have used a Mares Icon for about 5 years and like it. It’s bigger and heavier than some, but I like a big screen and all the info you could want is on screen or one button push away. The integrated compass is good and the color coding of various functions is more useful than you might think. You can even pre-load maps of dive sites, if you can find them. The dive log is comprehensive. There are similar style computers from Shearwater, Suunto, and Scubapro that I would consider next.
  3. At the risk of hijacking this excellent post: Oh hell yeah, I’d take a ride in a sub in a heartbeat! I am absolutely riveted by those videos that get posted every once in a while with the voice overs by scientists. If it was possible to buy a seat, I would.
  4. Agreed, I really enjoyed watching this. At first I was surprised at the choice not to correct white balance, but I think you decided not to correct it to show the real experience of deep descent and I believe that worked well. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Regarding strobes, the S2000 are great for macro but that is about it, they really don't cover much wide angle shooting. I'm guessing the same about the YYS-01 but haven't used those. I'd suggest buying one more capable strobe like a Z240 to start, then getting a second when you can. It's certainly possible to get great macro and even CFWA with one strobe.
  6. Hmmm. That is definitely not normal. I have the E-M1 mk II (and before that a E-M5) and that has not occurred with either of mine. I would try to have it serviced.
  7. Have a look over here: The impact of DSLR APSC Phase Out on Underwater Photography
  8. You got some great shots there! Nice critters, beautiful compositions, and very impressive lighting technique. I dive Anilao year round but haven't been able to go since January, so thanks for the virtual visit
  9. Very nice - thanks a lot for sharing this
  10. I use a retractor, like the ones used for gauge consoles. Once in the water, a system isn't (or shouldn't be) very much positive or negative, so a solution doesn't have to be very heavy duty.
  11. Tim, that is a great shot of the pygmy. I love the depth created by the foreground and background bokeh. Well done. I have been obsessed with trying to get a great head-on bargibanti portrait for years. They are fiendishly shy and will turn their backs before you've even spotted them, which is itself difficult to begin with. Fortunately, I get to dive year round in Anilao so have had my share of opportunities. The yellow pygmy in profile was at Kirby's Rock. The pink one was at one of the "on-shore" sites near Acacia. Finally, one looked at me! But I had not really thought about the fact that their eyes swivel independently. Bugger. I'll have to keep trying. Both taken with Olympus m4/3 60mm lens and Subsee +5
  12. Great photos and an excellent writeup! Thanks for sharing
  13. It is easily precise enough in that scenario, as long as you enable the single small focus point
  14. I am puzzled by this comment. Do you mean the entire viewfinder is dim, or the peaking highlights? If highlights, try red vs. yellow, and the settings I described. If entire viewfinder, make sure S-OVF is turned off and Live View Boost is turned on. As for single focus points, we will just have to agree to disagree. With stationary subjects I can focus exactly where I want 99% of the time. Regarding frame rates, there is talk in Olympus forums that setting a higher refresh rate for the EVF improves AF performance. I do not know why this would be the case and have not tested it, but some posters swear by it.
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