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  1. I’ve had both the E-M5 and E-M1 in Nauticam housings, and way back had an E-PL1 in an Olympus housing. The ergonomics of the Nauticam are far superior, especially the shutter trigger, and also all the other dials and buttons are simply smoother and surer. Only the Nauticam E-M1 housing provides the ability to conveniently use back button focus with a thumb trigger which I have come to rely on. The Nauticam housings are also a lot heavier and more expensive. I dive a lot so it’s worth it to me. For casual use your calculation may differ. Both will take good photos!
  2. Hi Tim - That’s a fair point, though to be precise Olympus imaging was sold not withdrawn. The new owners and the rumor sites say they will continue with a likely focus on higher end models. FWIW Panasonic has said the same recently. Who knows? I’m invested in lots of glass, housing, and ports so will stay with them as long as the gear works as well as it does now, which is brilliantly for me, but I’d probably not start building a long term system around Olympus until it’s future looks clearer.
  3. Lots of good advice here. I’ll add based on experience an earlier E-PL series camera then moving up the ladder of various OM-D cameras. If you want a single lens and port that does it all, there will be compromises. Wet lenses will improve them, just don’t cut corners by buying the cheapest ones as some are close to worthless. The 14-42mm EZ lens is crap in my opinion, unsharp and low contrast even on land, so I would insist on the much better 14-42 mark II but it may not work with the housing you are looking at. The Olympus 12-50mm zoom is a better lens choice with true macro capability but requires a much more expensive housing, port, and gear. I have no experience with that brand of housing, but the difference between the Olympus polycarbonate housing and the Nauticam housings are night and day in terms of ergonomics. On land, the E-PL cameras are great for travel and all-purpose use with plenty of room to grow as a photographer. And yes, 16 MP is fine. Shoot RAW from the beginning (save JPEGs too for quick sharing) and start learning how to process them in your favorite software package. Have fun!
  4. The US blacklisted DJI allegedly for security concerns, similar to the claims about Huawei. No clues have been made public that I know of. (Full disclosure: I regularly deal with all levels of government and its agencies in the PRC as part of my job, though not security related, so follow developments there closely). With the current administration who knows if those concerns are well grounded or based on a paranoid neocon fever dream? Let’s see what happens after January 20th.
  5. You might consider an online shop. You can upload your CAD file and get a quote. If it’s small, shipping won’t be much, no idea about import taxes though. This one is in the US, maybe the UK has something similar. EMachine
  6. Hi Carlos - Yes this is available. I’ll check on shipping and get back to you soon through direct message.
  7. I really shouldn’t keep this going but yes, I am sure, under the terms of my visa which is not a regular one.
  8. Did you read what I wrote? “Where I live they are zero if coming back from a trip.” Meaning my country of residence doesn’t impose tax or duty on incoming goods. Your situation may be different but that doesn’t make others illegal or grey. If what I wrote doesn’t apply, please ignore and move on.
  9. Didn’t think of that. Where I live they are zero if coming back from a trip. I forgot to mention that Japan also gives a tax rebate of about 9% to travelers at the point of sale.
  10. It certainly can be worthwhile but there is an element of luck of course. Inventory fluctuates wildly it seems. The best deals are only available for online sale in Japan so if you look at the web sites it can be misleading. If interested in the experience there s a great guide here: Tokyo shopping However it may not be necessary to travel. Map and a few of the other big stores sell on eBay in the US, so when you see Japan (or Hong Kong) as the location it’s usually one of the big secondhand dealers which is easy to check by clicking on the seller. Of course there are risks in that route.
  11. OK, I laughed at that one! The initial “must have but then get bored” market is real, and nowhere more so than in Japan. In the Before Times, I travelled to Tokyo several times a year and always made time to visit the second hand shops around Shinjuku (Map, Kitamura, Miyama, etc). For example, I bought the 40-150 f2.8 Pro in mint condition at a 40% discount the year it was released, and each shop had 3-5 examples to choose from. The MC-20 teleconverter that is now just over a year from release is already going for less than half its new price at most of the shops. I’ve bought nearly all my lenses there, and hope to have future opportunities.
  12. Olympus made some announcements an hour or so ago. The one I've been eagerly awaiting is for the 150-400mm Pro lens, and I said above "If that lens comes in at a mid 4 figure price, I’ll buy it". Well, the launch price is $7500. Ouch. I had convinced myself that around $5000 was possible. I guess I will rent one for a week to put through its paces but it would have to be spectacularly good for me to justify a purchase. The announcement of a new 8-25mm f4 Pro lens is maybe interesting for some UW photographers who lean toward wider angles as a higher quality replacement for the 12-50mm lens, but I will stick with the 7-14mm f2.8 Pro lens for WA.
  13. Coincidentally, I took a very similar shot of the setting sun on Saturday with my EM-1 mk II. These were test shots as I was setting up for sunset. I can see no evidence of striping or banding in the first JPG or when pixel-peeping the RAW file, though the highlights are certainly blown which explains the flare on the black coastline at the left. The bright specs that might suggest evidence are actually whitecaps, it was a windy evening. The second JPG shows a very uniform black silhouette. I don't think I have ever seen evidence of striping or banding from points of light above ground or underwater, even when lifting shadows further than they should be. I'd be curious to hear what specific combination of factors seem to aggravate this newly discovered issue.
  14. I shouldn’t bother, but the selective logic has to be pointed out. Don’t compare a flagship lens to a budget lens. Canon and Olympus both make expensive halo lenses. They also both make budget lenses. So compare like to like. If you want 600mm from Canon you can pay $1000, $6000, or $12000. The same capability (and more) from Olympus is priced from $400 to $1500 to $2500, and soon perhaps $5000. Both systems can mount those lenses on a sub $1000 body or a flagship $6000 body. There is no inconsistency in technical approach, though there is clearly difference in business acumen. You can have the last word on this topic. I’m done.
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