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  1. I really shouldn’t keep this going but yes, I am sure, under the terms of my visa which is not a regular one.
  2. Did you read what I wrote? “Where I live they are zero if coming back from a trip.” Meaning my country of residence doesn’t impose tax or duty on incoming goods. Your situation may be different but that doesn’t make others illegal or grey. If what I wrote doesn’t apply, please ignore and move on.
  3. Didn’t think of that. Where I live they are zero if coming back from a trip. I forgot to mention that Japan also gives a tax rebate of about 9% to travelers at the point of sale.
  4. It certainly can be worthwhile but there is an element of luck of course. Inventory fluctuates wildly it seems. The best deals are only available for online sale in Japan so if you look at the web sites it can be misleading. If interested in the experience there s a great guide here: Tokyo shopping However it may not be necessary to travel. Map and a few of the other big stores sell on eBay in the US, so when you see Japan (or Hong Kong) as the location it’s usually one of the big secondhand dealers which is easy to check by clicking on the seller. Of course there are risks in that route.
  5. OK, I laughed at that one! The initial “must have but then get bored” market is real, and nowhere more so than in Japan. In the Before Times, I travelled to Tokyo several times a year and always made time to visit the second hand shops around Shinjuku (Map, Kitamura, Miyama, etc). For example, I bought the 40-150 f2.8 Pro in mint condition at a 40% discount the year it was released, and each shop had 3-5 examples to choose from. The MC-20 teleconverter that is now just over a year from release is already going for less than half its new price at most of the shops. I’ve bought nearly all my lenses there, and hope to have future opportunities.
  6. Olympus made some announcements an hour or so ago. The one I've been eagerly awaiting is for the 150-400mm Pro lens, and I said above "If that lens comes in at a mid 4 figure price, I’ll buy it". Well, the launch price is $7500. Ouch. I had convinced myself that around $5000 was possible. I guess I will rent one for a week to put through its paces but it would have to be spectacularly good for me to justify a purchase. The announcement of a new 8-25mm f4 Pro lens is maybe interesting for some UW photographers who lean toward wider angles as a higher quality replacement for the 12-50mm lens, but I will stick with the 7-14mm f2.8 Pro lens for WA.
  7. Coincidentally, I took a very similar shot of the setting sun on Saturday with my EM-1 mk II. These were test shots as I was setting up for sunset. I can see no evidence of striping or banding in the first JPG or when pixel-peeping the RAW file, though the highlights are certainly blown which explains the flare on the black coastline at the left. The bright specs that might suggest evidence are actually whitecaps, it was a windy evening. The second JPG shows a very uniform black silhouette. I don't think I have ever seen evidence of striping or banding from points of light above ground or underwater, even when lifting shadows further than they should be. I'd be curious to hear what specific combination of factors seem to aggravate this newly discovered issue.
  8. I shouldn’t bother, but the selective logic has to be pointed out. Don’t compare a flagship lens to a budget lens. Canon and Olympus both make expensive halo lenses. They also both make budget lenses. So compare like to like. If you want 600mm from Canon you can pay $1000, $6000, or $12000. The same capability (and more) from Olympus is priced from $400 to $1500 to $2500, and soon perhaps $5000. Both systems can mount those lenses on a sub $1000 body or a flagship $6000 body. There is no inconsistency in technical approach, though there is clearly difference in business acumen. You can have the last word on this topic. I’m done.
  9. Canon is currently the most successful camera company in the world. Why would they have recently brought out two long telephoto lenses, at 600mm and 800mm, with fixed apertures at f11, for under $1000? My guess is size and weight and price for hobbyists who find that combination works for them. If it doesn’t then they have other options at higher prices. Just because a lens doesn’t work for some photographers in some situations doesn’t mean entire “paradigms” collapse.
  10. If that lens comes in at a mid 4 figure price, I’ll buy it for wildlife. Imagine the equivalent of 300-1000mm handheld with the sync IS of the top Olympus bodies, and up to 2000mm with their teleconverters. I was theoretically sceptical that this made any sense until I saw Robin Wong’s videos on YT doing that with the current 100-400 zoom, which the halo lens should eclipse. He shows some amazing IQ at extreme ranges. Feel free to call me a fan boy, and chime in about m4/3 noise and dynamic range and useable ISO and zooms versus primes. All factored in. I’m a hobbyist not a pro, and I’ll be out hiking longer and higher than I could with a D6 and a scuba tank sized telephoto!
  11. I use a flip, positioned so the diopter goes up to about the 1:00 o’clock position. That never seem to get in the way of either a strobe or focus light. Works for me.
  12. I might need to temper my optimism: “The production of high quality lenses in Nagano will stop and be outsourced“ https://www.43rumors.com/more-info-about-jip-plans-lens-production-factory-in-nagano-will-stop/ If m.Zuiko Pro designs are licensed to Sigma or equivalent for production, then fine. Not so much if they go to a lower tier manufacturer.
  13. I can’t read the Q&A, it must be geofenced. As recently as July, after the JIP announcement, Takeuchi said the 150-400 f4 telephoto would be released “ this winter” meaning within about the next 6 months from now. I hope they get there, as that is the last lens I want for this system.
  14. I agree it is very sad, but I don’t think it is the end. OM-D may well pull out of a lot of markets but may hang on in Japan. That was JIP’s model for Sony Vaio. Remember they are about to release a flagship (and expensive) 150-400 f4 Telephoto with built in teleconverter. The R&D is a sunk cost but why incur new variable costs for marketing and distribution? And if this move was just for the purpose of liquidation then why form a new company? Although Japanese business law may confer advantages for the new company for downsizing, redundancies, and tax. I’m fully invested in bodies, lenses, and housing. The format gives me advantages for macro and telephoto and the trade offs are acceptable for what I do. None of it stopped working with this announcement so I’ll keep using all my gear for a long time to come. If there are great deals coming then bring them on!
  15. The set screws are not essential. They are there to prevent the adapter from rotating. But once it is installed firmly, it won’t rotate anyway and even if it did move a bit there is no harm
  16. Hi - I’ve got one of these that I’m no longer using. Send me a private message and we’ll work something out. edit: I just saw Bill replied. Didn’t mean to jump the queue! Try him first.
  17. I got a bunch of them from this outfit. They have a great variety and shipped internationally really fast with no issues http://www.scubasymphony.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=885_886
  18. Thanks for the kind words! Conditions are lovely, since resorts are still closed there are hardly any divers or boat traffic. But the dive masters (and everyone else) have been out of work for 6 months now so there are LOTS more people out fishing day and night. No foreign arrivals are allowed, probably for the rest of this year. Government is looking to open tourism by the holidays, I would say. But with the state of the pandemic here that could be quite risky. We are indeed lucky to be able to drive to a private place there.
  19. Having endured here in the Philippines the longest and strictest lockdown in the world, this has been my mood for longer than I thought I could endure: So when the restrictions on travel between provinces was lifted, my wife and I drove out of Manila to Anilao for a long weekend with a feeling of being able to breathe again, although we did feel sort of uncertain and tentative and cautious, a little like this porcelain crab: We only got in a couple of dives thanks to unfavorable weather, but just being back in the water at familiar sites felt like visiting some old friends. My technique was certainly rusty so none of the pictures I took over the weekend will make it into my top 100, but they will remain among my most favorite for what they represented for us, a lifting of a very long gloomy period. We're a long way from an exit, but are so grateful to be so fortunate to be able to drive to such a special place until the new normal becomes clear. Even the heavens seemed to agree with us on Saturday night. I hope things start to get better for all of us sooner rather than later!
  20. HEINZ is a free quarterly publication run by Heinz Richter who old-timers may recognize from UWF, one of the pioneer underwater photography publications. I have been reading this for a few years now, and believe that many WP'ers would enjoy it. You can grab all 21 issues at the link, in English, German, and Chines, and sign up for email notifications. The quality is top notch. HEINZ Press
  21. Look for posts by TimG, he did just what you’re contemplating and seems very happy about it
  22. BBF with my Nauticam housing is awesome. I have an E-M1 mk II so can’t tell you if the menus are the same, but it should be easy. You set autofocus to mode 1, 2, or 3, whichever de-links it from the shutter button, then go to button settings and map autofocus to your preferred button. As Bob says, there are many articles and videos to be found. This older thread for the E-M5 is very useful for Olympus settings in general: https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/48625-underwater-settings-for-the-olympus-om-d-e-m5/&tab=comments#comment-321395
  23. Pardon the obvious question, but if you’re not using strobes or lights, why use a tray and handles? Ditching those would significantly reduce the negative buoyancy, with little effect on stability. Otherwise, spend $30 on some Stix jumbo floats and experiment with zip ties on the bottom of the tray.
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