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  1. Thank you for your reply. Can you tell me the pro and cons for taking video with a DSRL vs the camcorder? What kind of quality will i loose with DSRL or perhaps gain? Maybe its a question allready talked about in another forum? And what are the possibilities for editting at home with both types of camera? Thanks Mike!
  2. Hi everyone, Erik here. Untill recently I have shot uw with my L&M Bluefin FX1 housing and ofcourse the Sony FX1. Very happy with this set. Unfortunally the housing flooded. Camera is dead and i am now in the market for a complete new set. My budget will be around 15,000dollar. Lights i allready have (Sunray2000). Goal with camera and filming: Just last year I have entered my first videocontest. Very happy with that. Want to do so much more. Also want to be able to make semi-professional shots. Looked at the PMW EX1. This camera is allready a few years old. The EX3 is way more expensive. I have only experience with Sony and L&M. Want to shoot in Full HD. What is reasonable the best camera to buy including housing. And is it still possible to edit at home if you a pro-cam? I know these are a lot of questions.. but then again.. its also a lot of money to consider Thanks to anyone and any response..
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