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  1. Man, i would so agree! Something like undercurrent offers, but an index to look up all reviews. Undercurrent has saved me from several bad operators... Allan
  2. I'm sure that every underwater photo person with housing has had the pleasure of finding any one of the following non disaster things happen: Lens cap on Memory card missing or memory card filled Lens not set to correct position for focus Buttons not aligned Battery dead Battery not in Strobe batteries in backwards All can be avoided with pre dive check-so why does it happen to me? Allan
  3. Dustin I really enjoyed the two videos you posted and your choice of music was excellent Allan
  4. This is/was the best series yet! Especially the 'myself, neigbor, wife' etc. I often ask myself, "why do i do this?" Does anyone really care? Well, I guess i and you folks do. Allan
  5. Thank you everyone for all of the valuable info. Allan
  6. Hi I tried a search and I couldn't find anything posted I've dived the Carribean for many years mainly because it was relatively close to the East coast and a short flight. I realize now that if I don't plan a trip to the south pacific or Indonesia, or Wakatobi soon, I may never get there. I'm worried about jet lag and setting up a large camera rig without making stupid mistakes because of fatigue. (been there done that!) What do you folks do to combat jet lag after a 20+hour trip? thanks Allan
  7. Hey Bill I just bought (less than a year ago) the inon 45. nice as it is, I have trouble night diving with it. I'm also afraid that the Nauticam may be much brighter... Allan
  8. First time posting any pics on wetpixel. Belize Aggressor November. Right after hurricane, bad vis. Boat took on bad fuel, just a tough trip all around. Still better diving than in the NY snow! I should mention that the Aggressor fleet compensated us by giving a generous allowance to our next trip in April on the Cayman Aggressor. Very good of them, we think. This slide show has music. thanks for watching Allan
  9. I was just on the Belize Aggressor boat and have been using the 45 degree finder on my nauticam housing for the d90. i have about 75 dives on the 45 but at night using the Inon Z240's red filter and 105 macro on one of the night dives made it seem just impossible to find a creature because the light was so dim. So frustrating! Yet i agree, it seems on many creatures, the red light seems to disturb them slightly less. Allan
  10. Steve I always look forward to your pics and your reviews are absolutely outstanding! I'd love to dive with you one day. Allan
  11. I have a Nikon N90 35mm camera body and an Aquavision housing with macro ports and wide acrylic dome port, zoom gears, extension rings etc. THIS IS A FILM CAMERA. Looking for any offer at all, or a donation to a school, just to cover shipping costs and maybe a couple of bucks. Anyone interested in antiques? Allan
  12. Although it is a slightly different topic, I had purchased several Transcend cards for my Nikon D700-a 32gig and 2-8 gigs. i bought them online because the price was 'right' compared to other brand cards. I was in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon when the disk failed on me. I returned the card to the seller and they promptly replaced the card N/C. I was in Curacao when another Transcend card failed=luckily i only missed one dive. Called Nikon to find out that Transcend was not one of their 'approved' cards and that my report of failure was not unusual. They recomended several brands including SanDisk. I never thought that it would matter what brand of card one used... Allan
  13. Ken Really appreciated your very thorough report. We are considering this area next year and your advice with Singapore airlines could be very helpful. Especially coming from NYC area. Some of those photos were amazing. I especially like the pigmy seahorse shot just to mention one. Allan
  14. I have an SB105 (Ibelieve, haven't checked ina while). It is nearly new, as Nikon replaced it when the 103 turned out to be a danger in some cases. will that be ok? Allan
  15. gina Gorgeous photos, especially the 'coral detail'. i can't imagine being on a boat like that. you should probably publish a report on 'undercurrent'. Allan
  16. Very exciting and excellent comentary. Allan
  17. Hi Forgive me for repeating a post on another channel but I didn't get any response to my question. I have a Nikon D700 with nauticam housing and a sigma 14mm wide angle. I've heard much talk about the Tokina 10-17mm and am wondering how this would differ from the sigma that i already own. Now that Tokina came out with the new model, what are the advantages of having that lens in addition to the sigma? Or am i just duplicating? The D700 is an 'fx' model. Thanks Allan
  18. Hi i have a D700 with nauticam housing. I am using a 14mm sigma lens from 20 or so years ago for wide angle and in all of the posts on wetpixel no one has menitoned owning one of these. It seems that the lens of choice is the tokina 10-17mm zoom. Am I missing out on not owning one of these? What would be the advantages over the sigma? I wonder now after hearing about the lens 'coming apart' and held together with 'thin tape'. I mean, really, an expensive lens (I'm guessing its expensive) held together with tape?? Allan
  19. Walt A very thoughtful reply and I agree. Allan
  20. I am a retail jeweler in NY and face this situation quite frequently. Many clients purchase their watches and jewelry 'online' from a non brick and mortar store for one reason--price. It works out quite well for those who know what they want and have done the research and/or don't need to try it before buying it. I have found over the last few years that clients come in to our store to look and ask about the features of the product, try it on, play with it etc and then proceed to purchase it online for possibly less money. sometimes it is only the tax that makes the price difference, sometimes it's more. If the potential client speaks honestly with me, sometimes I can lower my price to try to match it; other times I simply cannot. invariaby, the client gets the product online and either doesn't know how to work it or it needs adjustments. (this especially happens with diamond rings). I am a brick and mortar retailer and pay rent/taxes/employees/utilities which are quite high in NYC. When i charge these clients a fee for my service, some get upset because i'm a 'factory dealer' and they feel they shouldn't have to pay. i try to explain the situation, and if they persist, i show them the door. All mom and pop retailers are facing this issue whether its pots and pans or dishwashers or camera equipment. We are all having trouble competing withnot only online places but also the big box stores and in businesses that are technical, like cameras and jewelry; knowledgable sales staff that are trained are expensive to keep. You did not mention whether you had spoke with sales staff before making the 'large purchase' before chossing another dealer, and if you had and used much of their time, i could imagine, (not necessarily condone) that persons quick and hurried response. I purchased my Nauticam housing strobes etc from Reef photo because they took the time to explain as much as I could understand without actually using the equipment in a pool. Because of the time they took with me, i purchased all of my equipment through them including the inon 45 degree finder (before nauticam came out with their own). I believe in rewarding those who give their time to explain things to me even if possibly someone else may have it for less money. My 2 cents allan
  21. Really funny. I searched (or i thought i tried to search thorougly) wetpixel on soft pak coolers and only found one for the Polar company. large bag worked great and greatful i had it in Curacao last month where the dive boat holding 21 (!) only had a 'baby' rinse tank for compact point and shoots! Thankfully I had my cooler bag and the dive personnel filled it each day with fresh water so my rig was always protected and on its own. The polar bag cost $89.00 US. i found nothing for 26 dollars! Years ago I had read that at least for the Nikonos camera system, Nikon recommended for long term storage to remove all o rings so that compression would not take place, so I do that on my Nauticam. Allan
  22. Thank you, Drew. Just got off the phone with Ryan and I am having him send the Nauticam built 9 inch Zen dome. Thanks Allan
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