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  1. Macro Port with 67mm thread for attaching wet diopters. It's a great port, I'm just going with a different set up now . Very good condition with no marks/ scratches on glass. Retails for $460... I'll take $300 OBO
  2. For snooting it is very hard to get a true black background unless it is a night dive or a deeper dive with little ambient light. I think it is a useful tool to experiment with different lighting situations, such as backlighting, slow shutter work.. or mixing with ambient light because the light output is uniform, beam is tight and in the right situation... it is very easy to use. I don't think it is a substitute for flash snooting such as with fiber optic attachments or the Retra light shaper. My settings are usually 1/125, F10-14 ISO400. There is a little room for adjustment on these settings but at the highest output the beam simply isn't strong enough to light the subject at faster shutter speeds. The other challenge to shooting with a torch is that you lose the ability to "freeze" the image as flash does. Shooting at 1/125 you must be very still in order to get a sharp image. So shooting in even a small amount of current or surge is a challenge to get sharp images. Saying that, I don't think I would ever go on a macro night dive without one in my pocket. It is really nice to not have a dedicated attachment on the strobe to deal with.
  3. Selling Nauticam extension rings 30 and 50 for DSLR housings. In good shape! $200 each or $375 for both.
  4. Taking over/unders in calm water ie lakes /streams / bays with a mini dome is quite doable except you sacrifice depth of field. In the open ocean however, different story. Shooting at the surface with nothing to steady yourself + chop + waves... I can't imagine ever getting a satisfactory image except by complete luck with at least 10fps burst rate. It's hard enough with the biggest domes. I always get a case of "shooters remorse" when the opportunity presents itself and I don't have the right tool.
  5. My 2 cents: I think the most noticeable improvement for this camera under water is the autofocus, esp in low light situations. It is very accurate in crucial situations like super macro.... I have been shooting in situations with a fare amount of surge lately and I am certain that older generation DSLR's would produce far less keepers in such challenging situations. The AF is really the only thing I wanted to improve from previous generations, so I have no complaints.... 10 fps is also really nice when shooting overunders. It's a great choice for underwater with the 100mm, 60mm, and 8-15 fisheye. I think the other questions aim more at personal preference... And require you to get familiar housing that you choose... And there are some great housings for this camera.
  6. Yea I checked the chords .... Nothing wrong with them and they are the nauticam ones. I missed quite a few shots on a manta ray night dive last week because my strobes were not firing. Strobes were set on half power to 3/4 power. Pretty frustrating.
  7. I have been using the Nauticam flash trigger via fiber optic connection to 2X Inon Z240s with mixed performance. Sometimes it fires great... with no issues. other times the strobes won't fire at all, or one fires. Today I noticed that the strobes would not fire until I pointed the camera upwards, at the sun. (?) This was the second dive and I had taken about 100 shots on the first dive... so batteries in the strobes should have still been good. I switched to fiber optic TTL just to check performance and it was working fine. I do usually have issues of inconsistent firing on every dive regardless of battery levels, so Im not sure battery life is the culprit. I checked to see if anything was blocking the light ports in the housing or on the strobes and nothing. I am using the Nauticam 7d mk 2 housing that is equipped with the prism mirror for the fiber optic ports... Any ideas?
  8. I have the same housing, and don't know what you are referring to when you say cold shoe mount. My macro ports have cold shoe mounts but the housing itself only has fiber optic ports where a cold shoe would normally be placed.
  9. Please let me if you have a mini dome for the canon 8-15mm in Nauticam mount. Thanks!
  10. I am interested in the 45 viewfinder if you can ship safely to hawaii
  11. I'm looking for a Nauticam 45 viewfinder in good condition. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  12. Hello, looking to sell my used pair of Inon Z240's in excellent working order for $1000. Can throw in Inon to Nauticam FO cables for an additional $100. Pics on request ...or stay tuned.
  13. Magrone

    Sola 4000

    Yes. Still available.
  14. You totally misunderstood me. My point is that People buy used inons on wetpixel and elswhere for the price of new ones in Asia. I just gave a link on how to get inon's flagship strobe brand new with warranty for $530 vs $800 at Backscatter or American retailers. Sea and sea ys d1 is $500 NEW as well. http://www.divervision.com/strobes/seaandsea-ys-d1-strobe-03114.html. I have no affiliation with diver vision but have bought lots of stuff there over the years. Their customer service is good.
  15. This was a regular occurrence on my d7000 housing years ago almost from the time I bought it new. Nothing really solved the issue. Water and vinegar flush would help for a little while, but then it would stick again. It was my biggest gripe with the housing. Seems more of a design flaw then just salt build up. I have a nauticam 7d mk 2 housing now and the button operation is vastly smoother. I would see if you can get someone to swap out the old parts for new...
  16. Why settle for d2000 when you can go z240 for a little more at diver vision and get it shipped world wide. I find it odd that people on this site are buying used inon strobes for the price of new ones .... http://www.divervision.com/inon-z-240-strobe-type4-456212143251.html
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