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    Sola 4000

    $550 OBO... Good working condition with scuff marks. Comes with charger, cyan filter, and loc line mount Free shipping to US for asking price.
  2. This is actually one reason why I stick with Nauticam. The viewfinders are some of the best available and really easy to change out.
  3. Using the 45 finder is great for shooting macro on the sea floor ie eals hiding under ledges, nudis, or anything on a sandy bottom like you would find in Lembeh. But it makes it almost impossible to shoot small things in the water column, esp at night, like squid for instance. It is also very difficult trying to shoot down on a subject, like for things hiding in coral. Soon you realize what you can and can't shoot with a 45 and it becomes another factor in predive planning for specific shooting. For wide angle I think it is best used for getting low and shooting close focus wide angles into a sun ball... It is great for this! For all other wide angle applications, I think a straight finder is easier. So basically, its best to know what kind of shooting you do most and prefer....before you make the investment. For new shooters on a budget I would recommend using just the housing finder. As long as your eyesight is good it should be fine. Then when you find out what kind of shooting you prefer you can get a vf .. or 2...
  4. When you don't want to crop, or by very little, I think the IS is great for framing in macro...especially in super macro.
  5. Light is in good working condition and comes with charger, ball mount, and loc line mount.
  6. Yes, that's right. I am flipping a deal on this Sola 4000 that I recently purchased from a wetpixel member for $300. I bought this light with the intention of using it but decided it is too bulky and powerful for my current photography needs. Also, I need the money to support my expensive uw photography habit, rent, food, car problems... more than I need this light. So I am asking $700 OBO which includes cyan filter ($150 value) which is still a great deal... Just not as good as the one I got. BTW this thread is not open for ethical debate ...so please...kindly take it or leave it.
  7. I'll take the sola, clamps and arms. And subsee if Bill changes his mind
  8. New individual prices... Zen dome for nauticam: $700 + shipping Tokina 10-17mm for Nikon: $375 + shipping Tokina 10-17mm zoom gear: $125 + shipping
  9. $1200 shipped... Comes with nifty nauticam neoprene cover for the zen dome $25 value....This a steal. Alternatively, I would be willing to sell the nikon mount tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens alone for $400. Perfect condition with box. Better pics sent on request.
  10. All are in perfect condition. I am selling because I switched brands recently Zen Mini dome retail: $900 Tokina 10-17 Nikon mount retail: $550 Tokina zoom for nauticam retail: $185 Total retail $1635 Take it all for $1300 OBO inc. shipping. I am located in Hawaii and will send priority mail via USPS to anywhere in US.
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