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  1. Thanks for the reply Drew, For clarification, I will already be diving N.Suluwasi, mainly Lembeh, for the frist two weeks of my month long trip in Indo and be concentrating on macro. So I thought Komodo would be a nice change as there is potential for both wide angle reef/fish shots, and macro; Horse Shoe Bay in the south. BUT I was told that bad vis, surface chop and much colder tempertures are prevalent in the summer months of July through September and make for a miserable experience in the south. I realize shooting macro is still ok in bad vis, and cold temps can be remedied with wetsuits, but since I am prone to sea sickness, the bad surface conditions would indeed make this miserable for me. + apparently divemasters aren't too thrilled to head that way during those months anyway. I am most at home with macro shooting, but I think half way through the trip I will want to start experimenting with WA, so I have narrowed it down to Northern Komodo or Alor. Maybe both, but I have only two weeks left in the trip and flight connections to Alor seem a little time consuming. You say that nutrient upwellings from the south occur in the dry months, so would this make for lower vis in both Komodo and Alor?
  2. Hi, I was making plans to dive south Komodo/Rinca in July, hopefully to hit Horsehoe Bay, Canibal Rock, etc., but a divemaster who currently works in Komodo told me that July is a bad month for the south part of the park. So my question is this, are there many sights in Northern Komodo that yield good photography opportunities, wide angle or macro, or will it mostly be drive by shootings in the current? I have dove in Northern Komodo before and loved it, but there wasn't much for macro (dive guide inexperience?) and the sites with the big fish: Castle Rock, Crystal Bommie etc were a lot of work in the current without a camera. I would be diving with a much more experienced local guide this time so maybe that would help? Or should I just scrap the whole thing and go to Alor instead? Kinda feel like I answered my own question, but any insight for/against Komodo or for/against Alor in regards to photography would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. I am leaving in 6 weeks on a dive trip and am trying to get my rig setup for wide angle. Let me know if you have any of the following to get rid of. 2X ULCS/INON reg. or new style clamp 2X ULCS/INON 8 inch reg. arm, or buoyancy arm 1X Inon fiber optic cable 2X Inon Z adapter 1X Inon Z240 Thanks
  4. My RDX-550 came with FO cable bushings inserted into the housing already. All I needed were the FO cables. I bought mine from Yuzo.
  5. Hi, I'm considering this lens mostly because it is a cheap option for me to get shots of medium sized reef fish and maybe some reef sharks. I already have a small dome and/or a flat port that it should fit fine behind. Any experience with this lens?
  6. This will work with Sea & Sea RDX housings for the 18-55 and 60MM. Very good condition. No scratches etc. This sells new for $299. Almost new, I will sell for $175 + shipping
  7. Thanks for the reply. I have the NX adapter and the NX compact dome port. I also have the sx extension ring as well. With the adapter and the extension ring, will this combo work for the Tamron 17-50 or maybe even the Sigma 17-70?
  8. I mean other than the 18-55 or the Sigma 10-20 as listed on the S&S website. I am looking to replace my 18-55 with Tamron 17-50, Sigma 17-70 or a better Canon lens. I use a 60mm behind it and it works good. I also own the Compact dome port if that might increase compatibility. I have the RDX-550 for the T2I. I contacted Sea & Sea and they just referred me back to the lens chart on their website without an answer.
  9. I recently bought a Sea & Sea dome port with extension ring attached that had never been removed by the previous owner. I found this thread and thought I would share my solution. On my Sea & Sea RDX housing (Bayonet mount), I just put the dome port with extension ring on to the housing (with RDX-NX conversion ring attached to the housing) and rotated (hard) the opposite way. It came right off. Seems like this would work on any bayonet mount system.
  10. Hello? Are these still for sale?
  11. I'm looking to get the sea & sea 10-17 zoom gear for a discounted price. Please let me know if you have one. Thanks
  12. Let me know if you break this up. I am interested in the dome.
  13. I know this posting is old, but is any of this still available?
  14. I have the option of buying the RDX-450D housing at a great price but I really want the Canon 550D camera. Escape, would you say putting a Canon 550D into the RDX-450D housing is pretty much smooth in operation aside from the few modifications that you made? Is this definitely the way I should go if I could save $500 buying the RDX 450 D instead of the new and elusive RDX-550D housing? Thanks so much for the very helpful pics!
  15. Hi, Sorry, I'm new to this forum. I tried to PM but it wouldn't let me. How about $2100 for all?
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