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  1. OK. Well, looks like I jumped the gun and just threw this out without thinking properly. Sorry about that. I will go away and review and regroup. Not sure how to 'close' a topic so I guess it just remains here?
  2. NA - D90 Housing - recently serviced in September, Macro Port N60G, 4Inch Dome(DP-100), 2 x Sea and Sea YS 110a, Fiber connectors plus Y-Electrical sync connector. ULCS arms, Nauticam Wide angle View Finder. Plus D90, Nikon 60mm Macro lens and Tokina Wide angle (10-17). All included with a Think tank bag which houses all items. Sensible offers please. Based in Boston MA. Local people welcome to inspect items
  3. I would think the easy choice is Capture NX2 - it's Nikons own and works very well with the NEF format. One nice thing is the ability to have multiple versions of an edit in a single file. Others do as well but I do not know how they handle NEF so I cannot speak about them. I have have had a lot of luck with the Nikon software. There are some very good options which make it easy for digital workflow. Take a brief look here at some of the features. http://www.capturenx.com/en/lessons/lessons/index.html Disclaimer: I have not used lightroom but I have used photoshop a fair bit.
  4. Thanks very much!!! I have tested this and it works perfectly, I can try this and manual shooting - the confusion was the annoying thing By the way, I found an issue which was causing me to swear at Nauticam but turned out to be not Nauticams fault. If you leave the viewfinder cover in place on the D90 (a plastic clip on) it pushes the camera off just enough to stop the mode selector on the housing working correctly. Once removed it seems to function as designed although I will test a bit more to be 100% happy.... Just in case anyone else runs into this issue I thought it worth mentioning.
  5. Thanks, I will look at this tonight - I appreciate the response. It's quite a big step up from point and shoot..
  6. Hi, I have gone from a coolpix with an Ikelite housing to a DX8000g and now I am finally on my 'big boy' camera. A D90 with a Nauticam housing, 60 mm Macro and Zen 100mm with dual YS110a strobes. All seems OK (in the pool - yes I am practising but I cannot find any decent explanations on the strobes. I have fibre cables for each strobe which are fired from the pop up flash or I have a dual synch cable to 5 pin Nikonos bulkhead. I was advised on the synch cable to cover some of the electical contacts to run it in manual mode. So with either the fiber or the synch cable it appears I have to shoot entirely manual (No TTL). If I leave the synch cable as is (i.e. do not cover contacts) it fires at full and is far to powerful. I seem to have no control - is manual my only option - are there decent guides / documents out there to read or does someone want to explain this in simple terms ?
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