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  1. That's my impression too. Will have to investigate how to get most of out of this lens combo.
  2. Hellu all, First time using nex 7. Do you think the quality of the lens is good? I am not convinced, but will need to try it in a less difficult scenario with more light. Sony 16mm + wide angle converter F2.8 1/60 ISO 800 cheers
  3. Well, right now I forget about all cameras except for the one I have, which is a Nex 7 in a Nauticam housing
  4. I got the Nex 7 and the 16 mm + wide angle converter lens now. It looks to me the lens is VERY close to the dome port with the converter attached. Doesnt this produce inferior sharpness, or it doesnt matter where the front lens element is? About the Nex 7, on land its an excellent machine and works very well with non Sony lenses. I have shoot it for about one week now, and the sharpness I get from Nikon lenses and manual focus + "focus peeking" (i.e. a heavily magnified view) easily outperforms what I could do with my DX Nikon. I pretty much can choose which pixels I want sharp, which is very cool I think. On Nikon I could only hope for the best, the viewfinder was way too small to see any details. Theres virtually no reason to preview the result on the LCD anymore. First UW trial in the Cenotes tomorrow (without strobes though). I am a little worried about its UW performance because the autofocus has much to ask for, but as with everything I guess learning its strengths and weaknesses are essential. I wish I could shoot manual focus though because its a lot of fun =)
  5. Ouch, your right.. I thought most DX bodies were about same size, but not so lucky. Well, I tried stuffing a D90 in and since the LCD of the D70 is so much smaller not much ends up in the right place.
  6. Hey, As the topic says, would such a conversion be possible? I'm willing to pay $1.000 (more depending on production costs?) if someone would be so kind to do the actual work, and 'guarantee' it would work =) No fiber optics or anything fancy, the single bulk head installed will do. cheers, Christian
  7. Phil, Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. The 16mm and W/A adapter seems like a good starting point then. Cheers, Christian
  8. I find that 15mm has its uses also on APS-C, but sure, it's not optimal. I would love to use my Nikon 60, but can I get an aperture and focus knob to go with it on the Nauticam? I've struggled to even get that running on my S&S Nikon DLSR setup, I rely on AF and setting aperture on camera. In my youth I didn't understand that certain S&S ports came without a focus knob, so my hopes on getting that on a new foreign system with all kinds of adapters are not high. With a 'dump' adapter it will as you say be all manual and some manufacturer would need to build the bits and pieces to get the knobs working. There's less bits and pieces with the Nikonos, I think (hope). I just want one good wide prime for now, and in future a macro. On my S&S Nikon I use 10.5, 12-24 and 60mm. If I can get any of those on the Sony I'll take it. The reviews (for land usage) on Sony's 16mm has not convinced me, and it feels wrong to buy an uncertain lens which is also not wide enough. Nikonos has some 'proven' quality (from what a youngster like myself have read). Nikonos 15 + 80 mm would make a neat setup, which apart from the Nauticam adapter wouldn't even be very expensive. i hear you Thanks
  9. OMG, Backscatter charges $420 for the Nikonos converter.. The most expensive 15mm Nikonos lens can bought (used 'As new') for that price.. http://www.backscatter.com/sku/na-36201.lasso Sometimes this industry is outrageous in pricing, even though I understand that the small volumes of these products are somewhat responsible. Still, I will probably go down the Nikonos route until there's some third party lenses for the NEX system (and ports and that whole dance).
  10. Hi all, I will (most likely) buy a NEX-7, but the available lenses are of no interest to me for underwater use. I'm getting a bit desperate, as I'm leaving on a (very) long journey of photo and diving soonish. Looking at the Nauticam port chart (http://www.nauticam.com/images/product/pdf_143_1.pdf), there are some Nikonos to Nex adapter. I've no experience in Nikonos, but would that be a viable option? How does Nikonos lenses work, the aperture and focus knobs are directly on the lens IIUC, which is waterproof without a port? (forgive my ignorance, I was not in the water during the Nikonos era . Would they be alright for an APC-S sensor? Any input on the combination NEX 7 with Nikonos glass most appreciated! cheers, Christian
  11. It took a bit longer than i expected, but something like this might be better?
  12. Thanks for your valuable feedback! Seems I need to work to get more pictures per subject and be very careful about strobe positions. I only shoot with one strobe these days, I realized until I handle one really well (for 60mm kinda shots) the second will only cause trouble. I only got one chance on this guy due to current and that he got scared, but that's no excuse =) The cropping is a little tight yes, there's a bit more space in the original I can put back. Will make a mockup tonight in PS with your suggestions, to get an idea on how the image could've looked with better strobe positions. Cheers!
  13. The first one is simply amazing, wonderful work On the second I get a bit distracted from the highlights to the left versus the eye to the right. Maybe they can be darkened or cropped? I find the above a little bit easier to watch, but it's highly subjective I guess. Keep it up, I find these images very inspiring =)
  14. Hi guys, I would like to ask for your expertise on how (if) this picture can be improved, or how I could have shot it differently. The image is slightly cropped from original and minor contrast adjustments have been made, but it looks more or less like original raw. Nikon 60mm, F7.1, 1/160, ISO 200. cheers!
  15. Sea & Sea Nikon D300 (S optional) Housing, with or without camera body. Possibly other brand than Sea & Sea, if S&S port adapters exists. mail: c dot holmquist att gmail.com cheers, Christian
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