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  1. Hi guys I'm looking for a macro flat port for the aquatica housing (type 2) and another dome port for my housing (I already have a 6") Cheers feel free to PM me
  2. Hi there, the title says it all. I'm looking for a flat macro port to fit my 60mm macro nikkor lens for my aquatica housing. thanks cory ps seller willing to ship to australia
  3. Hi joe, I'm interested in your camera and housing kit (d70, housing lenses, ports etc) Would you ship to australia?
  4. Hey Dog, do you still have the outfit? how much are you asking? cheers cory
  5. Still have the camera and housing? cheers Cory
  6. Is the equipment still available? thanks
  7. Hi does the housing come with port? and is it still available?
  8. Hi there, I'm new to the site but I have been browsing some of the classifieds looking for a used underwater set up (camera, housing, strobes, lens, ports). I currently shoot a nikon d3 (not underwater) with no back up. As I have nikon glass already I would prefer to go with a smaller body and housing (d 80 or 70) but I would consider a canon set up. Also, anyone would have to be willing to post to australia. PM or email Cheers Cory
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