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  1. Aquatica housing for Canon 40D or 50D cameras - $1600 Canon 40D camera - $400 Canon 50D camera - $850 Aquatica 8" dome port - $350 I've upgraded to a 7D, so it's time to make room.
  2. I still have two of these cameras that I use occassionally. I've sent you an email about them. Let me know if you are still interested. Debbie
  3. Chris - is this still available? If so, I am interested. Thanks
  4. Hi Aengus - I'm interested in your housing if we can work out the logistics. I've sent you an email. Thanks, Debbie
  5. For Sale - Canon 5D Body I've upgraded to the 5D Mark II, so this one must go. Camera is in excellent condition. Very lightly used (basically just one trip to Alaska), and never underwater. Body + everything that originally came in the box. Asking $1350 + shipping from Houston, TX Contact me here or email me at fdbm82 at msn.com for additional information $1350 + shipping from Houston, TX
  6. Update - the housing and port have been sold. I still have the camera for sale if anyone is interested
  7. That's what I've been trying to say.....! Once you get that first c-card, you may never see another instructor in your life. The instructor certifies that a person, at one point in time, knew enough and was fit enough, to become a diver. After that, personal responsibility takes over. There are no diving police, and, quite frankly, I don't think any of us would really want that.
  8. My hubby is also a photog, and we have pretty much the same approach to diving/photography, so I'm really lucky in terms of my buddy. That said, I wouldn't mind having a spare air or pony bottle with me on a dive. With all the regulations and requirements for luggage these days, any one try to bring a spare air or pony bottle with them on vacation recently?
  9. As an instructor, all I can do is decide whether or not to take on someone initially as a student. Once a person is already certified (whether I certified them or someone else), no one can go back and yank their c-card. At that point, personal responsibility takes over. It is the diver's responsibility to maintain good physical conditioning, as well as to maintain his/her diving skills. The diving resort can (and, in my opinion, should) require some proof of current diving skills or have the diver take a refresher if he/she is not current. I've heard divers complain about that requirement, but, if the resort is upfront about the requirement (and the cost) it is a reasonable and responsible requirement. I do a checkout dive for my clients who have not been diving in a while both in the pool before we travel and as the first dive at a location. After all, those skills you learn as a student can save your life. As for physical condition, it is not always possible for a lay person to tell what shape a person is in just by looking. As pointed out, a skinny person could have a heart condition just as easily as a fat person. I agree that I do not want my vacation ruined, or my safety compromised, by someone else's lack of physical conditioning or lack of skills. You also have the right (and personal responsiblity) to refuse to go out on a dive if you believe conditions are not safe. If you believe that a dive operation is compromising your safety, demand your money back and take your business else where. Agreed that it is easier to do on a day dive than a live aboard, but, still, there are always options. It is, at the end of the day, YOUR life we are talking about.
  10. Why do you automatically assume it is the instructor's (or the agency) responsibility totally? As an instructor, I can tell you, I do my best to ensure that people who shouldn't be diving for medical (or mental/emotion/lack of maturity/other) reasons don't even start my training classes - - but people can and do LIE on the applications. And people do have to take on some personal responsibility! There are no requirements (at least in the US) to recertify - - ever - - so once you are certified, you are always certified. So, the woman may have been in good physical/mental health when she was initially certified. In that case, there is some respnsibility on the part of the dive boat or resort for the protection of the other divers and their divemasters to screen their guests. But, I've seen threads here and other places complaining about these screening practices - - so the resorts can't win either way.
  11. Hi Irv - I'm very interested in buying the camera, housing and closeup lens. I've sent you an email to your hotmail account. Thanks, Debbie
  12. Time to upgrade! So, here's what has to go: Canon 300D - the original Digital Rebel - and the 18 - 55 mm "kit" lens, camera battery & battery charger, and all the other stuff that originally came with the camera Ikelite housing with TTL electronics. 6" dome port with gear that fits the kit lens and allows it to zoom (this port can also be used with other lenses such as the Sigma 15 mm fish eye). This is a perfect setup for someone wanting to make the step-up from a compact point and shoot. All you need to add is a strobe. If you add an Ikelite strobe, you can shoot in TTL mode, or easily switch to manual mode with control of the strobe intensity right on the camera housing. All the equipment is in great shape and has never been flooded. There is a small scratch on the dome port, but it disappears underwater and does not affect photo quality. I'm asking $950 for everything. You can contact me her or at fdbm82 (at) msn.com
  13. If all the equipment is still available, I am interested. Please let me know. Thanks
  14. I've upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark II for above water use, so I have my 5D for sale. It's in excellent condition, lightly used (basically just one trip to Alaska), abovewater only. Body only + everything that originally came in the box (cables, battery & charger, CD). Asking $1350 + actual shipping costs from Houston, TX. Email me at fdbm82 at msn.com with any questions.
  15. I'd be interested in buying both sets of arms. Please let me know if they are still available. Thanks, Debbie
  16. James - wanted to read your ScubaBoard article, but can't get past the first page. The site says that the rest of the pages can't be accessed. I'm in the market for carry-on sized hard sided for my gear. I've got soft-sided luggage now that holds everything, but I live in fear that, at some point, I'll have to check it due to lack of overhead space or airline rules or whatever. So, I want to use something sturdier. Your article looks like it contains a lot of good info, if only I could get it to open!
  17. I'm leaving soon for Bonaire to get my new setup wet with salt water for the first time. Just wondering if you DigiReb users out there have any words of wisdom for me? I've got the Ike housing and DS-125 strobe. I've got a dome port to use with the kit lens and a Canon 15mm fisheye, and a flat port to use with a Canon 50 mm macro. I plan to start out with the kit lens, since that's the one I've had the most time playing with on land. I haven't had much time to practice in the pool, unfortunately, which I know would be ideal....so any help moving more quickly up the learning curve would be greatly appreciated. Before the DSLR, I was using an Oly 4040 with the DS-125 strobe. I mostly used the TTL sensor with the strobe, although on my last dive trip I used the manual sensor, so I have had some practice with it. Thanks
  18. I bought a DigiReb in March, and have been having an internal debate about whether to spring for the housing, or just stick with my Oly 4040 for underwater photos. After all, I'm getting some good stuff from the Oly, and still have a ways to go to master the art and science of underwater photography. Should I exhaust the possibilities with what I have, or spring for new toys? Well..... with a trip to Bonaire over Labor Day as inspiration (not to mention the desire for new toys), I finally broke out the credit card and ordered an Ike housing, a dome port for the kit lens, a flat port for my macro lens, and a sync cord for my DS-125/manual controller. Everything should arrive by the end of next week, so I'll have time to play with it all in the pool. James - what's the topic for the next digital contest at HUPS? Hopefully, I'll have something to enter! Just sign me "Elated but Broke"! Debbie
  19. I've been to Moorea and Bora Bora. At both location, the sharks hang out at the entrances to the lagoons from the ocean. So, snorkeling with them directly from your hotel is not really possible, unless you are REALLY lucky. You really need to take a boat ride to the passes to see the action. First dive in Moorea, surrounded by 30 - 40 reef sharks. Considering my previous dives were all Carribean, with a lifetime total shark sighting of under a dozen, I was totally in awe. Bora has only one entrance to the lagoon from the ocean, so fewer oportunities for shark dives. But, I think the water was clearer in Bora than in Moorea. Can't help you with Tahaa or Raiatea..... still on my list of places to visit. Don't know where you're from, but compared to US prices, you'll find French Polynesia very expensive. Everything is imported, and you're helping to support a very liberal social support system, so expect high prices for most everything. Go for a package deal if possible rather than booking air/hotel/transfers separately. You'll save a bunch that way.
  20. Is that the microdrive from the Creative Labs MP3 player? I've got one of those on order, but Amazon.com tells me they have no idea when they'll actually get them in stock.... how did you get your hands on one? When/if I do finally get one, what do I need to do to use the microdrive in my Digital Reb? Thanks
  21. The diving was lots of fun, enough so that we're going back this year! There were some spots that were lousy for picture-taking, like Richleau Rock were the current was just ripping. But other spots, like one called Condos, which were incredible. You'll really enjoy it.
  22. We dove on the AquaOne last year.... charging batteries was not a problem. The boat had a charging table with both 110V and 220V power strips. If you have a universal-type charger, you can plug into either. Look at your charger and see what the rating is. It's best if you get a charger rated for 110-240 V and 50/60 Hz. In all likelihood, your laptop has a universal charger already. Most do these days. The standard in Thailand is 220V/50 Hz, but in tourist areas, the hotels tend to have both 220 and 110. You should bring a convertor, though, just in case. You might also need an adaptor, since some hotels/boats may have only the "C" type of plugs (two round pins). Check out this web site: http://kropla.com/ It has a link to a list of electrical power and plug types for various countries.
  23. I guess I was in a similar decision-making quandry earler this week. I have a 4040 in a Ike housing with a DS-125 strobe. I'm ordering a Digital Reb tomorrow for top-side use on my upcoming trip to Thailand. I have the cash available to buy the housing for it, but.... I've been doing some serious thinking about what I really want to be when I grow up. Am I an aspiring underwater photographer, or am I a diver who just likes to take pictures? I've decided that I'm really just a diver who likes to take pictures. So, for at least the next year or so, I'm going to stick with my Oly setup and take a whole bunch of fish butt pictures, and the occasional "wow" shot.
  24. A version of ACDSee came with something or another that I bought.... printer, scanner, camera, whatever. I thought it was useful enough to buy the full 5.0 version of it. I am very satisfied with it. I never use the Camedia software that came with my Olympus camera anymore. It's easy to pull up the EXIF data for pictures with it. You can easily catalogue the shots if you want to using preset or personalized categories, then use the categories to sort. The slide show feature is useful if you want to quickly run someone through the pictures from your last vacation.
  25. Hi everyone - I guess after anonymously reading stuff on this site for quite a while, it's probably time that I actually joined in on the fun. My husband and I have been diving for about 15 years and still use every possible vacation day to blow bubbles. We mostly dive the Caribbean, since it's so easy to get to from Houston, but in the last few years we've been venturing out into the Pacific. We're going to Thailand next month! I upgraded to digital (Oly 4040 in Ike housing, DS-125 strobe) from a Reef Master point and shoot, so I had much more to learn than those of you who used SLRs underwater.... all those f-stops and other technical things to remember!!!!! Debbie
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