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  1. One more thing, my housing leaked during it maiden trip. I hand carried my housing and all equipment onto the cabin while travelling - yes, all 20kg of it in a lowepro computrekker plus. WT
  2. A quick update, The housing has been overhauled, with corroded parts replaced as well as the leak sensor. However, there are some workmanship issues. First of all, the bottom rubber support/padding. The edges are irregular and jagged. The other issue is that the plastic part holding down the leak sensor wire drop out when I opened my housing for the first time. The screw securing the rocker buttom has reinforced with loctite, similar to Benthichi's. However, a closer examination revealed that they have loctited alot of other screws. Attached an example. Seems like nauticam has quickly updated their design and sent out replacement kits for current 550D housing owners which is the right thing to do. I believe loctite will be secure enough to withstand the normal use of the rocker button for me and Ben. But is having so many screws loctited going to poise a issue for future servicing of our housing? WT
  3. thanks for the headup chris! I was searching the nauticam's website and didnt come across it. Thanks again!! will ask my local dealer tomorrow when I get my housing back. Cheers WT
  4. Hi guys, for fellow members of the forum with the above combination (of course and the 20mm extension ring as well), light from the internal flash does escape into and reflects off the dome port, casting a "ring shadow" on the image. This only happens at the widest end of the tokina - 10mm. I've attached a sample down-res image straight out from raw. My diving buddy and I managed to gaffer tap the flash such that it doesnt leak out to reflect off the dome, which is a temporary solution while I was diving at Bali. Until there is a more permanent solution, you might want to do the same as well.
  5. Thank for the update ben, looks like we have the exact same issue with the rocker key. My housing is due back in my hands tomorrow. Yay!
  6. just a quick note... its also not possible to hear the alarm sound while underwater FYI.
  7. Hi Alex, I think water was progressively trickling in without pushing the faulty rocker button. This was confirmed when when I brought down the empty housing on the subsequent day. It was also during then that I realised the button was faulty as water also squirt in on pressing the rocker button. I didnt notice the alarm setting off during the dive until the end when i was doing my safety stop. This could have happened as i forgot to put on the diffusers for my strobes and therefore barely took any photos during the dive. I normally hold the housing port down when not taking any photos and when i finally realised the alarm was activated towards the end of the dive, there was enough water to almost fill the dome port. WT
  8. Mike: I bought it from a Singaporean dealer, and I agree with you on the fact that minor tweaks or issues that have been needed was fixed and updated on subsequent batches of the 7D (got a friend who bought it). Hope they will deal with my case promptly as well, though Drew has brought up the issue of the cause of the loose screw. Will update the thread when nauticam replies. Cheers WT
  9. Hey guys, Just want to share about what happened to me. I bought a brand new nauticam housing for my Canon 550D as soon as it was released and went on a 8 day diving trip to Bali. At my last dive of my 4th diving day at Tulamben, to my horror I found my housing flooded with water trickling in as I was doing my safety stop... and drowned my SLR and tokina as well. The fault appears to be the focus point selection key of the rocker button, which leaked when pressed during my subsequent dive when I brought down the empty housing for evaulation. Brought the housing back after the trip and the local nauticam dealer notice that the screw holding the button on the back was loose. Needless to say, I was rather upset about damaging my camera with my brand new housing. I have sent it back to Nauticam for them to take a look and I am still waiting for them to get back to me. A word of advice to everyone: should the housing flood and damage the camera, keep the camera as proof. Or at least that was what my local dealer informed me, or else there will be very chance of any compensation. Right now I am keeping my fingers crossed as I have another dive trip coming up in September and I hope Nauticam will resolve the problem in time. This will be a test of their after sales service. Will keep you guys updated!
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