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  1. 1500€ plus shipment. Only Europe. Vacum Valve and nauticam vacum check system. 4 years old. Photos: http://www.forobuceo.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=132578
  2. Yes, I'll have to do. more information if you can see photography of my unit https://derten.box.com/s/96ycw1tmax27y7skk1yl and one video beginning with BCD inflator, and finishing with manual pump...... https://derten.box.com/s/sl8er11shrug2qcgaobp Can someone post a video of the operation? Thank you.
  3. someone has Nauticam valve with BCD inflator?? Works fine??? thanks...
  4. Hi, I Just bought nauticam vacuum valve with BCD inflator, but doesn't work...... I test the unit with hand vacuum pump and works fine, but when I use low pressure inflator does not work, and after 5 minutes the LED is not solid green. I tested with different hoses and regulators....... Some special intructions for this operation???? Regards
  5. Thank you for info. I have trouble removing the original LED of moisture sensor. Some help?
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