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  1. My favorite area is the north of Raja Ampat, absolutely unique. I look forward to go there, maybe dive with Claudia and Leon see you guys soon
  2. Hi Jock, been there in August 2009,December 2008 and April 2010! going back this September 2011 dampier strait and north area of raja Ampat is ok, good all year round. Misool area in south raja ampat is not possible because of the strong current. for rainy season it's tropical country, right in the equator..so rainfall is likely even..you will still get blue sky after rain. I'll send you some info via pm see for more details. you should take chance, it's a amazing place, great diving and good food in Indonesia!!!
  3. poor thing! I could definitely see red marks and some cuts on its skin
  4. thanks this is what we like-off the crowd that might give some idea to extend the trip
  5. thanks guys, I think timor lorosae is promising, I had a quick look they can do safari which is great for exploration. the accommodation looks good enough considering how remote they are. mm. i think hard of how long do we need to stay there. is one week enough?
  6. Hi Sarah, how long have you used them for? thanks bonnie
  7. Hi, does anyone know any contacts, resorts and whats the diving highlights in Timor? We are planning to go in September 2011, and looking for diving exploration in Timor with a few friends. We are not bothered with fancy accommodation, just want a good operator who can show us the best of Timor diving! thanks bonnie
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