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  1. Macro- the Canon 100mm macro lens is what I was really looking for a diopter for. Thnaks for all the info!
  2. Anyone have any suggestions on use of diopters? I know at one point there was a listing somewhere... I shoot a Canon 10d in a Sea and Sea housing with too many lenses to mention... Thanks for any info, Jen
  3. Tahiti Mike- I totally understand your frustration! i've just about given up on wide angle altogether...
  4. Nope! The Galapagos- Peter Hughes Skydancer! What a blast!
  5. For some reason I am unable to attach...What am I doing wrong?
  6. I returned form the Galapagos 2 weeks ago with a lot of equipment damage! Broken dive computer, lost integrated weight pouch, stolen passport and driver's license.... but the worst was several "dings" in my fisheye dome! My question is- will these "dings" show up on my pictures? Do I now need to purchase a new dome? With all of the mishaps of this trip..... it was an excellant trip! Luckily the passport was stolen the day we were returning to Guayquil from San Cristobol. Since it was a Sunday- and the following day was MLK holiday the US consulate would not re-open until Tuesday morning- which meant I needed to extend my vacation by 3 days holed up in a 5 star resort while my husband had to return home to work! (someone has to earn a living so we can support our diving habit!)
  7. sugar

    Fatal Error 153!

    I'm getting a "Fatal Error 153" when I try to enter topics in forum!
  8. Truely spectacular shots! You will have to share you're insights of mating hamlets with the rest of us!
  9. I have a 1510 that has never been used- although the pick and pluck i used to map out all my stuff- which would not fit! I'll give it to you-but you would have to buy more pick n pluck to line it. I ended up with a Timberland rolling back pack that fits carry-on requirements to pack my Sea and Sea 10d housing with all the ports and focus gears. This bag has a smaller backpack that attathes to the larger one and that is what my 10d and lenses and extra batteries go in. It's really two bags for one! That leaves me another carry-on for the laptop! if you are interested in the 1510- send me a PM and I'll ship to you! It will help me clear out the closet! Sugar
  10. Robert, You can leave your clothes at home and pack more wine!
  11. Giles, I'm in th same boat with you! I use a 10d and sea and sea housing, so when you come up with a wide angle choice-let me know! Sugar
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