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  1. I had a bit of a conversation with the Accountholder too. My image was added (cropped and without any watermark) on his page, without linking to my Insta-account. Also he directly ported all the images on his own website. His reply started like this: `Listen this is fine don't worry I'll take you photo down and you will never ever be featured on my page again sorry for posting a photo where 300 thousand people can see it, and yeah all you photographer friends email me so don't worry. ` Then I changed my tone of voice and some others started emailing too. Note the lack of dots and comma´s (probably a teenager on a mission to earn with Instagram and his website) :-) ´Yes I understand, but I don't put my photos on my website they go on automatically from when I post it and yes I understand, but sorry I couldn't find your name on Instagram, but thought it was a great photo and didn't think you would mind. I have many photographers that come up and pay me way more then what I offered you, that have many more followers and want to get bigger so they come to accounts like myself to get there name out there and for me posting 7 photos a day it is like a job for me. Don't worry I won't post of you again sorry.´ Then panic sets in (somebody mentioned legal department probably): ´Why are you getting all you friends to complain now. Like I'm sorry I posted a picture without permission I took it down and am getting permission from everyone that I post now. You are going to get my account deleted that I've worked on for 4 years now. I don't understand why you have to do this like I listened to everything you said there's is no point of doing this.´ Total disbelief after I indicated it was not me who unleashed the whole world of underwater photography upon him: ´I know you did and I'm trying to contact my owner to remove them I already disconnected and what are you losing I'm getting you noticed by mentioning your name and I understand that you have been doing it for awhile but you are not going to lose it all so please stop I get it I don't see what you are getting out of this.´ ´And I took all the pictures off so can you please work with and tell them to stop´ ´They told me it was you I know ´ this is where I halted the conversation pissing myself. #notreallysorry Latest news: he changed the account to: OMSEAS His own website: http://mgsupply.co/did hold a section with all the images of his account directly ported into the site, but that part is taken down now. Anyways. There are much more accounts like this though, maybe something to pay attention to. Any thoughts people?
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