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  1. I've spent the last couple hours going through the posts in this forum, and I am really impressed with the amount of information. I'm a total newbie to DSLR, having purchased a D70 yesterday. I'm leaning toward the Sea & Sea housing because of good past experience with VX2000 video, and I think I can borrow some ports and lenses from friends with NX setups. I've also had really good experience with L&M's Tetra and Oly 2020 thru 4040, but it doesn't look like they will have D70 in time for my trip to Raja Ampat in Oct. I have 2 Nikonos 105s that I'm hoping will get along with the Sea & Sea system. They were often a bit much with the Tetra, but I'm thinking the F-setting range on the D70 are much broader. Have people had success with 105s? Is this a compelling reason to wait for L&M ROC? I suspect I will shoot primarly Macro in Raja. I was really frustrated a few years ago in PNG and Puerto Gallero trying to shoot pigmy seahorses with the tetra. Does anyone have a lense/port suggestion that will capture the little buggers well? I really like the shot ssra30 shot in Puerto Gallero displayed at http://www.damnam.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=706. My feeling is a 60mm and a 2Xtele-converter will handle the small stuff and the tiny stuff. Does this sound reasonable, and will I be missing opportunities without a 105mm? Money is of course a major concern. My next trip in Cocos next May. Hopefully I will pay the credit cards down enought to get a really good wide setup by then. One final question: What port gets along with the 18-70mm lense that comes with the camera? I don't see it listed on Sea & Sea's charts. Thanks, Steve
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