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  1. dont suppose you have the panny 8mm and port left still?
  2. i use a harness have no weight pockets on my buddy jacket, so all weight goes into the harness, there have been couple of times that one of the pockets fell out [user error] so other than putting a couple of weights on my cylinder, which i have done before but felt unsteady, kinda made me feel lopsided, i have all my weigths in one place, read this thread with interest as what has been said makes total sense, anyone got any suggestion on how i can get around this situ of putting all my weights in one basket?
  3. that is exactly where mine is and they have told me it is due to bad maintenance i have told them how i have looked after it and asked them to tell me how i could have done more or better with it but have had no reply, i have used it in less than 50dives and not always in salt water for the cost of these housings i expect them to last better than this...as for moving on to another housing, i paid over £600 for this i just havent the money to buy a new one
  4. mine too leaked thro a loose screw but the one that is attached to the rear wheel on the back door, so it seems none of the screws can be trusted, i now have corrision forming on the rim of the housing just inside opposite the door on the main body, thye say it is bad maintenance but i can not see what else i could have done to look after this housing i have followed their insturctions and i also can not see how corrosion can form so easily on a product when it has done so few dives....i too use to think this was a great housing but not anymore and i have certainly stopped recommending them to ppl who ask me
  5. ive just suffered two leaks first one looks like loose screw on back which turns the back wheel, the second we cant pin point, i have had dry runs since but have totally lost my confidence in this product, it now looks like there is corrosion on the ridge nxt to the o-ring, i just thought it was paintwork coming off, but apparently it doesnt have paint work, have only used the housing for under 50 dives and for the money i expect more than this, i have emails recsea and have had only one reply, they asked me questions but as yet havent responded to my answers, i am really disappointed in this product and will NOT recommend it to anyone. i worked hard to get the money together to pay for this as i wanted someone more robus than the canon housing and in the mean time i have lost two cameras and now not sure what to do bout the housing
  6. what would you say is a good battery charger and where would you get it from, thanks by the way do you guys use this strobe with or with out the diffuser on as ive had a prob with attaching the cable with the diffuser on any tips?
  7. hi what housing did your dive buddy choose and what are her opinions on it, as im still undecided [altho looking at the canon or the recsea]
  8. i cant recommend the above advice enough, ives always had probs with masks-tried it all, spit [and mine deffo doesnt work so had to get others to spit in my mask] cleaning as per all the other advice, burning with lighter [altho i wouldnt do so had to find some brave soul to do it and altho it worked it didnt last] so on my new maks i was determined to get it sorted, spent £17 on the salclear box [do love things in little boxes] which had the two mask preps and defogger in and it is the best £17 ive spent. i did have to spend ages prep the mask [and had some fantastic support/help from salclear] used mask recently in swanage and it was brill, altho it started to fog a little on the surface [forget some advice bout cooling face down first] usually i start fussing at this point, but i decided to trust the guys at salclear, got in the water and could see bril [ altho it doesnt improve the water viz haha] for the first time. get it, dont listent to the other advice, as you could damage the lens
  9. so ralph how are you getting on with the s90 and did you sort out the lens situ, im thinking of getting the s90 and poss the cannon and eventually inon lens, but would like your feedback.
  10. hi im new to this site...so hello guys/girls has anyone used the salclear products for their masks, esp the one for new masks, as my last one kinda "fogged" up with oil like properties rather than misted [atomic mask] and the only thing that helped was burning it off [which i was never comfortable with] but it use to keep coming back, mask has since been "lost" but am thinking of getting a new "atomic" one but concerned the same thing might happen
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