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  1. I wonder if the GH6's 10-bit 5.7K 60p will be 4:2:2. 5.7k is a nice resolution for cropping to 4k for reframing/stabilization. (greater-than-4k 10-bit 4:2:2 60p is my minimum spec to tempt me to upgrade beyond my GH4, at least for macro purposes)
  2. All the rubber came off the handles of my Nauticam Panasonic GH4 housing on my last trip, after 4 years. They're usable without the rubber, but I'd prefer to replace them. I also recall reading about a couple of cases where a Nauticam plastic handle completely snapped. I can certainly imagine happening when yanking one of my light arms around with a tight clamp. I recall somewhere, probably Facebook, that somebody was making custom metal handles to replace the standard Nauticam handles. Anyone know anything about this? Or perhaps Nauticam have improved their handle design in the last 4 years?
  3. At least a neoprene cover is on the outside of the housing
  4. I use the Dive and See DNC-7A with my GH4. It's been very reliable for me, and a battery charge easily lasts all day. The colour rendition was never great, but it's time I checked all the settings; I'm scared of all those buttons along the bottom so I haven't touched any of them for over 2 years I don't use the shade anymore because it tends to obscure the red record symbol at the top of the screen. I don't miss it. I have it mounted with a ball clamp like in this photo.
  5. That's a shedload of cownose rays! Did they just fly by once?
  6. My system specs are here. Still using an old AMD HD 6970 with Vegas Pro. AMD has been working better with Vegas Pro up to version 14. RX480 was best for a while. But things are in a state of flux now with GPU acceleration in Vegas and we're not sure which GPUs are going to end up being best for version 15.
  7. So far I usually put my native UHD MP4 clips on a Vegas Pro 1080p timeline at "Preview (full)" preview setting. That gives me totally smooth playback without GPU acceleration and I can then crop, zoom, stabilize etc. knowing that it will look pretty good at 1080, but there's a limit. As I approach a pixel-for-pixel crop down to 1080 it starts not to look so good. Also I generally increase the sharpness applied, the more I crop/zoom. I usually use the standard Sharpen effect but if I'm using a lot of zoom then I sometimes I use Unsharp Mask and adjust the numbers to try to compensate for more zoom. I have a UHD-to-1080 preset in pan/crop so that I can instantly see how much my max crop would be before having to upscale pixels. I also have UHD-to-1080 pan/crop re-framing presets (left, right, top, bottom) for quick use. I've never bothered attempting that 1080 4:2:2 thing as I feel like I'm getting the benefits of the extra resolution anyway.
  8. The standard version of Resolve is free. (and Tiger Shark is his level, not his name )
  9. I think it would be straightforward to edit a bullet-time shot in Vegas Pro, so presumably also in other NLEs.
  10. In the attached pic, the one on the left is in my underwater GH4 until it's full, then I put the older one in the middle in. The one on the right is in my topside GH4. Had no problems with any of them.
  11. Thanks guys. Yes, I'd really miss that extra resolution now, for cropping/zooming/stabilization. Actually I think 6k would be great for cropping to 4k. I didn't crop any of these right down to 1080p, which starts to look not so nice. They were all scaled to some degree after the crop.
  12. My new video of small critters from the Lembeh Strait and Anilao. Filmed with a Panasonic GH4 in a Nauticam NA-GH4 housing with either 2 x Keldan Luna 4X lights or 2 x FIX Neo 1000 DX SW II lights. I used an Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 EZ lens and a Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f/2.8 macro lens. On some shots I used a Nauticam Compact Macro Converter CMC-1. Xit404 tripod. The UHD footage was downsampled to 1920x1080, allowing me to crop and zoom. Only the wonderpus shot was stabilized. All feedback is welcome. Particularly, are there any weak shots, or uncomfortable edits? I may submit a refined version to a festival or two.
  13. Here is a method to rewrap them to mxf so that they open in Vegas Pro. Maybe works for other NLEs too? https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/us/forum/gh5-4k-24-30p-problem--105152/#ca658569
  14. I think 4K 10bit 422 GH5 files only open in the paid version of Resolve 14, not the free one. Also I know they don't open in Vegas Pro yet. I heard Premiere Pro CC can open them now.
  15. An u/w pro shooter friend of mine switched from GH4 to Canon 1DXii and says he's now able to leave AF on for most stuff.
  16. I disagree that 1080p will become obsolete very soon. There is plenty of life left in that format. My YouTube stuff is watched more on phones than any other device these days, and only The Six Million Dollar Man or a Sony Xperia salesman can tell the difference between 1080 and 4k on a phone. 1080p on a TV is also quite acceptable to most normal people.
  17. Thanks. That does look like a useful program. What I was looking for was a full-blown hierarchical database of media assets, with categories and sub-categories of tag so that I can find my media for example by dive-site+species+format+time-of-day etc.. Sony Creative Software had this with Media Manager, and it worked well, although it could have been better if they had developed it a little. It still works in Magix Vegas Pro but unfortunately the Windows 10 Anniversary update broke it and I don't see any evidence of Magix fixing or developing it. Unfortunately I have 24,000 fully-tagged items in my libraries so it's not easy to switch. Vee-Hive was the nearest thing I could find when I last researched this but will it be there in the long-term and support future formats?
  18. I didn't research the Sony or anything else apart from a quick look at the Olympus TG Tracker. And it's too late. But I'm happy enough with the GoPro so far, for what it is. The microphone adapter "brick" is ridiculous. Shouldn't have got that and should have just stuck with the in-built mics.
  19. I have and haven't taken it. If you want lengthy, rock-stable shots for example for stock footage or aquarium/relaxation-style videos then a tripod helps a lot even with a very wide lens. But if you want to be mobile for tracking shots etc. you might want to do without it. Having said that, a rig with a lot of inertia can help smooth out moving shots, and a tripod can play a part in that. The trade off is having to swim harder to push it along. Also, weight at the bottom (tripod) offset by floatation at the top can help your rig's trim by keeping it upright. It's possible to over-do that though, making it difficult to point the rig at other angles.
  20. I'd totally forgotten about that plastic they supplied. I think mine got ripped up and became unstuck very quickly. Don't think it lasted more than 1 trip. By the way the plastic bonded to mine is just cut out of the cover of a folder from a stationery shop.
  21. Got myself a FLIP5 Pro Package with SHALLOW, DIVE, DEEP, +15 MACROMATE MINI lens for my GoPro HERO5 Black. Anyone got any recommendations on white balance settings? I've been using "native" quite a bit topside but that's quite a warm setting. Also I've seen it suggested in a couple of places to use lights + CC filter with GoPros. Was always a no-no for my other cameras because everything goes red if you do that. Is this a serious recommendation?
  22. Excuse the foot! Also, I do sometimes do a panning shot, controlling the rotation of the housing with my thumbs. But more often than not I'm just panning to position the camera for a static shot.
  23. There's a big problem with the Xit404 twist clamps and that Zen tripod base because the ball adapters are pointing in generally the same direction that the legs usually would. This means that when you twist the leg, the clamp can just spin and not tighten because the ball's mount post is not in the way to stop it. You can even see that happen in the video twice (e.g. at 01:49). Just tried it on my Xit404 tripod with the legs pointing straight out in the same direction as the balls. They just spin and don't tighten. Traditional clamps are definitely the way to go with that base in my opinion. One thing I do on my Xit404 base is actually pan the camera. It's not designed to do that but it works. I can rotate the whole housing around the central screw by pushing with my thumbs. I have a plastic sheet bonded to it (by a cobbler with shoe glue) to make it smoother. You can't do that if you use 2 screws, but it does look like you could use only one with the Zen base. Also those Inon legs look like they might be floaty, especially if they're sealed and not designed to flood and drain. One thing I like about my Xit404 tripod is the weight. However the Inon legs look a bit longer, which is good. I very often yearn for a few more inches, even at Lembeh and Anilao, where you would imagine everything is low down. It's not, and the Xit404 legs are very often just a bit short. Oh and the Inon telescopic arms are $123.85 EACH.
  24. Location? Possibly Kyphosus cinerascens, (blue seachub)
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