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  1. Im really affected by this short movie. Its hard to see and harder to think about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHvnyKDJVm4...layer_embedded#
  2. Maldives seems to be plenty of whale sharks this season at North Ari. At Gangehi laggon there are reports of dives with more than 15 whales sharks in one dive
  3. Hey this is incredible. Is this guy CJ? I think I was in front of you at Elphistone when this longi came too close too him .... small world
  4. This napoleon was injured surely by a hook Napo at brothers The soft coral and gorgonias from deep south and the clown cheers
  5. A snowy tree A stone tree A tree of life The grass… … and a flower
  6. I have had some time free enough to process the RAWS i brought from this summer tryp. I hope you enjoy. Thanks in advanced a day at the garden Time for lunch Time for love Time for "siesta" And enjoy the sun from balcony I hope you liked this little paradise
  7. Hi there An enginier told me that the if the D300 first medition from the preflash its ok then the TTL works perfect, but if the TTL medition from the D300 its not ok then the camera make a second preflash and the DS200 its not enough fast to read it and then the TTL fails and block the strobes or make then work crazy I havent had any problems with Ikelite strobes i have used (DS50) before. I think is the combination with the D300 that make preflashes much more quicky than DS200 can aford. Im having some problems with this combinations and strobes fired right and then sudenly just one work or begun to fire out of control or dont fire anymore....????? Im waiting for an answer from Ikelite and Backscatter (both are being very efficients trying to fix my problems, so not any complaint by now. They both have done allways really fine ) but i was wondering if someone more is having similar problems. Thanks
  8. NEW RAW DEVELOP Some more of this sweet animals with that lovely smile Although they change their face when get closer They are playfull The shark bite the fin of the kid....he get a good fright :
  9. Some more of this sweet animals with that lovely smile Although they change their face when get closer They are playfull The shark bite the fin of the kid....he get a good fright :
  10. coming now from a dive day at elphistone WOW!!! we have more than 6 longimanus in place...this season is being full for this amazing creatures more to come
  11. http://www.siladen.com/main_uk.asp Lovely place, close to divesites and amazing spa
  12. Hi Dominic. I was at Kho Nangyuang 8 years ago. Maybe things have changed. The location is amazing, extraordinary beautifull. But the resort was running very, very simple. In fact there were some of the bungalows that u must cross with the water to your neck (High tide) or to your knees (low tide). And really its not nice by night. In that moment not all the bungalows had 24h electricity so cross with the water to your neck, arms up to try to keep thing dry and completily dark was sometimes funny sometimes not but again, i think they have make new luxury rooms with all facilities. Its also a point for day tourist, so during the day u can find those gorgeus place full (very full) of people.... For the diving, that time they dont have a dive center in the resort so they work with a dive center from Kho Tao, they come every day to take u and take u back in the afternoon...we were there in August, and even they said the moonsoon dont afect the west cost as it does in Andaman, was raining and the sea was rough for the 10 days we were there and was not very confortable the way back to hotel...specialy thinking that u have to take a new swing to go to ur room and u dont have any hot water in them For the diving... Koh Tao is a divers factory its very, very cheap to get any course so its plenty of young people having fun by nights and diving in the mornings. For me the diving was poor, but maybe was bad luck...who knows I hope this help u. Cipriano.
  13. if u dont find any ceremony in your way...we spent 5 hours Do the gillis around Amed (best Bali dives for big stuff) and Manta Point in Nusa Penida...amazing
  14. I just came back from easter holidays at North Red Sea I mostly have done wide angle but i was also into my 105VR begining with some macro of anemone fishes. Looking for new compositions trying to isolate them to show the force of this little brave fishes. These is what i got. This is maybe a little close in front...but i think there is something special there that i like it...maybe that eyes in an interest point of the photo or the curve of the head that fit perfect in the square or i'm becoming crazy...(last one maybe the right one ) Coments are wellcome
  15. Did someone tested the sigma 10-20 underwater? do i need a diopter to use it? wich one? Thanks
  16. Red sea ambients: Indo-Pacific ambients: I wish i could stay right now in any of both
  17. Hi Shaff. We are 3 diver plannig a tryp to Baa for this next august 2009. Do u have any more information about yours? Thanks
  18. We enjoyed some incredible huge black mantas at Nusa Penida. So much dificult to focus on them, camera gets crazy. I've done son black and white, would like to know ur opinion about them ;D ;D ;D
  19. Well...some more These are the rest. Happy to learn from all your comments, they allways teach me another point of view. Thanks
  20. We were looking for the mimic...but no luck A very small scopion fish...u can see his size, the things around him are coral polips Ghost pipe eye another porcelain crab Hope u like them
  21. Thanks for ur comments. Im actually using a Nikon D300 in Aquatica housing
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