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  1. These are from one of the three dives we did there. Because of the rain and the river in Tulamben the visibility was very poor...a pity because the Tulamben wreck is amazing for wide angle...well these is what i got. Thanks for your comments.









  2. I was this last Christmast at Bali and get to dive some. Its rainy season and visibility is less than desirable. Manta Point dive site at Nusa Penida is amazing. The worst is the very big swell that make the dives sometime risky. And must be taken care not to crash agaist the rocks...but in 2 dives we enjoy wth 20 big mantas (around 4 meters) than came in squadrons like huge planes...amazing






    There were also several black mantas, beautifull




    i have some more developing :D

    will put here as soon as i have some free time :D

  3. Hi.

    I heading to Bali for this Christmast from 27th till 10th . I have been diving Bali 3 times before (always in august) in Tulamben and Nusa Penida, so i was planing to move to other areas like Menjangan and Padang Bai. Could someone please help me with any advice about these areas, like best dive resorts, dive centers, dive sites...etc.

    Thanks :)

  4. Nice set of photos! I was at Walea 5 years a go and it's for sure one of the nicest places i have been. Outside it's beautifull, and under it's as amazing (and for me much better than Wakatobi). Amazing life and corals and if u do the deep dives also big fish.

    Congratulations for the photos!!

  5. more recoverins from the damage lap top.


    Singer clownfish


    fil7621wg8.jpg :lol:


    Soft corals and anthias from Red Sea...amazing






    juveniles barracudas




    And this moment was incredible and fast, dont get it properly but here they are




    Thanks for your comments

  6. Just arrived from a wonderfull tryp to South Red Sea. Losted some of the photos from a external hard drive so im recovering them little by little.

    I took with me the Tokina 10-17, Sigma 17-70 this was the one i used more and the Nikkor 60 macro.


    Aida wreck





    Soft Corals atn Brothers



    Between the soft corals





    I wait for your comments in order to learn how to handle this great camera ;)

  7. Is there a way to go from Sipadan/Mabul/Tawau to Lembeh/Manado without going back to KotaKinBalu or even Singapore, etc.



    I don'tthink so. Coming from Manado (Indonesia) to Sipadan (Malasya) you need to pass through an international airport, The nearest one is Kota kinabalu. Then from there do a domestic fly to Tawau.

    That's the way we did and we spent 2 days 'cause you need to stay one night in Tawau and in the morning do the bus tryp to Semporna and the boat tryp to Mabul arriving after midday

  8. Is it possible to do a land base trip to both places in a 2/3 weeks trip ?

    Sipadan (Mabul island) and Sualwesi. I want to see the Banggai Cardinal Fish.


    Or live aboard is the only way and which one ?


    Give me some suggestion and I need to start planning for this trip around July.


    Thank you !



    Hi Dominic.

    I have done both in a 3 weeks journy and i think it's the best dive travel i have ever done.

    We stayed for 3 day in Singapoure ( 1 arriving and 2 in the way back). Then 10 days at Manado at NDC Resort ( they have refurnished complete and it's a greit, greit place with very nice dive guides) and there were a flight straight to Kota Kinabalu, flight to Tawau and from there bus and speedboat to Sipadan. It was the last year you could stayed at Sipadan before they closed. For Banggai i think you need to go to Lembe, so keep at least one day for that dive. Easy to do from Manado. Land based it's perfect for both destinations.

  9. I edited the post to contain the boat names. The three Macana boats are the Princess Haleema, Moonimaa, and the Dhonkamana.


    Apparently all wooden boats - is this significant or just marketing angle?


    I'm looking to take a liveaboard trip in July. Though the last time I tried to dive in the Maldives the boat sunk the day we arrived :) so I'm wondering if I should :)


    any info appreciated :D


    I did not dive with Macana Maldives , but have some italian friends (I think Macana it's from Italy) and they said me Princess Haleema it's an amazing boat, luxury with an italian flavor.

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