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  1. Thanks Luiz!! The place is so easy that a novice like me can get some (let say) nice stuff. I'm now out from home again, i will post some more stuff when back next sunday. Thanks again
  2. I just arrive from a tryp to Komodo with five days at Tauch Terminal at Tulamben. It has been an amazing tryp in both places. I will try to make a selection of the photos 'cause i got more than thousand : : First some nudis from Seraya Secrets (Tulamben) an amazing place with surprises everywhere....loved to dive there.... And now...ejem : some action... I hope don't bored you..'cause this is just the begining
  3. Heard at some forums that the sea and a sea housing for D200 will be discontinued....rumours in two ways.... - some problems with the housing.... - maybe they introduce their TTL system inside the housing.... Who knows?....
  4. Very nice stuff Alex. Love the wideangles.
  5. xtraordinary work as usual Miguel. Un saludo
  6. Hi, Wich dates are you gonna stay at the mermaid 1? I will be on board from 4th august till 11th...if you do it earlier, i will be waiting for your report!!
  7. Thanks Claude for your information, i was waiting to see some underwater photos from Fuji S5 and your information is very usefull for me. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks Mike we planing the tryp for this august (we hope to get nice weather) and we should dive with “Fish Ìn Finsâ€...Ah! and maybe we will spent 4 days at Yap at Manta Ray...should i meet you there?
  9. Hi. Any information about this hotel WEST PLAZA BY THE SEA at Koror, Palau?. Thanks in advanced.
  10. WOW Justin! what a nice lighting on those! Love all of them but the 3 firsts are wonderfull. Love the blue diagonal in the #2 and the circle composition in #3. Really, really impressive...it has to be a nice tryp....maybe someday
  11. Thanks Justin. Do it...it's a ethereal experience and a really nice place for a quite dive
  12. We just arrived from one week in Playa with some dives. These pics are from Dos Ojos Cenote and it's impossible to describe the gandiosity of this place with a photo...at least for me. This is what i got. Light comes through the holes in the mother earth... ....divers and snorkellers share this magical space... ...with mayan mermaids... ...coming from the deepest and darkest areas... ...to come back to the light at the end...
  13. I have been to Maldives several times. Try with Maayafushi Resort Island, you have Maaya Thila one of the best dive points in all Maldives as your house reef.
  14. As far as i know there are certain serie numbers for the DS50 that work with the ITTL, for the olders you need a actualitation....i don't know the numbers as i guess Ikelite take them out from his web with the aparition of the new DS51.
  15. Hi Bartus. I was this last summer at Walea Dive resort at Togian Island. Marvelllous place. Splendid wall full of critters and outside the reef deep dives with strongest currents i ever done but plenty of pelagics. Outside it's like a dream. Could come back again
  16. Thanks Loftus. I used 2 X DS50.
  17. first time i get a gost pipefish. We found 5 of them swiming calmly near a coral Nudi Another A texture I hope you like them. Coments are wellcome. :)
  18. Thanks Luiz for your comments. You are right, some more light would be greit
  19. Right at the shore there were wonderfull seascapes and in the deeps, the soft corasl were huge and colofull
  20. Hey Dave. I've two DS50 my own and you can get false wide angle (CFWA) that looks like WA, but for real one you will need two big ones...i'm planing to get 2xDS200...well...if i change to DSLR...and get the money :glare: :glare: :glare: :glare:
  21. Thanks anthony. Yeah, still with the little 5060...for a shot while i hope....D200 it's in my wishing list.
  22. Nice shots Luiz. Love the wide angle
  23. What a beautifull photos. Love your lighting. So smooth
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