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  1. Turn to fishes and anemone fishes too!!!. I was working with CFWA, and here are the results. I was amazing with the deep of field get with the dome And a little fish that was under and elephant ear sponge I don't wanna bored you...but i have some more to show you : : : ;D ;D ;D
  2. Thanks Luiz for your comments. I think the 2 it's a marble shrimp but not sure. It was the first time i saw it and i was mesmerized with her colors and movements.... beautifull animal
  3. Let me know what you think about these colourfull friends Thanks
  4. We are planing to go to Palau next august but some people told us that, even knowing that it's the rainy season, the weather it's not so bad, just a little more rain than the rest of the year but plenty of sun too...bad some others told us the oposite, very rainy and windy. So...can you help me guys with your comments? PD: August it's the only time we can get holydays together all the dive group.
  5. Thanks Herb. That's right, it's rare to get them so exposed....maybe he was looking around for some fun Hey DAVIIIIIID!!!!! Thanks for your comments. I must send you a private (another one ), i'm thinking seriosly about the D200 . Bye
  6. Some more stuf from Walea This one was hard to get...white on white...
  7. Thanks Lionfish43. I was playing with both strobes until i got this and i find i liked it Thanks Joe, as i said to Kelpfish i was playing with the strobes to not get flat lighting. I got this with a strobe up over the nudi and slightly far and the second coming from the right and closer.
  8. Hi, I just arrived from Walea. Nice diveresort. Calm seas over, strong currents under. Coral are in greit form, and it's plenty of macro life just a few steps from the jetty. Here are some of the nudis i got. Hope you like them.
  9. i'm leaving to Walea (togians) in August. not in time for you but i can tell you there's a plane from Manado to Luwuk and once there a run by van to the cost where we get a rapid boat to the islands....maybe this can help you. Look at www.walea.com, nice and tastefull dive resort at the togians (or togeans). Nice corals and some pelagic life.
  10. Thanks bmyates. Not talking about the Java's one. I read today about one around Manado area, and two more last week...
  11. Does anybody know something about very recents earthquakes around Manado? Did they afect for travelling there? Any news will be wellcome...we are leaving to Manado in 3 weeks...
  12. Thanks NWDiver. Outside the water Maldives is one of the most beautyfull places on earth, the scenery it's awesome...and in a live aboard you can enjoy it much, much better...in the water, the coral are mostly hard corals rest are dead not as much color as in indonesia but plenty of fish life and pelagic... a lot of mantas, we saw whale shark and a lot of sharks and tunas, napoleons, batfish....not many macro life in comparation to indo-pacific...Very nice place for a relaxing holydays
  13. Hi Justin!! i love you like them...it was a plenty of life place, that background texture was a million fishes and the wall of course
  14. Thanks Luis. I really like your work so your comments makes me feel gooooooodddd
  15. Thanks Joe. I allway have all your works in mind...just try to learn from you all
  16. Thanks James. Your words means a lot for me.
  17. This encounter was much, much more funny, this bigman (fish) was too much curious with camera. He was like a moviestar in front of a mirror...He was feeling himself like NAPOLEON for sure :) and make us enjoy the dive The one behind is not JOSEPHINE he is my buddy and he is a really big man (6,2" and 240) so you can see how big the Napoleon was. I hope you like them ( Oly 5060 + inon+ dome+ 2xDS50)
  18. Thanks Seriola. We were at 20 meters...inon +dome work greit together, for me, much better than the inon alone
  19. Thanks Dave. With the Inon and the dome i think i get aprox. 120º Socorro it's in my dive list, i will let you know when we go there...i hope soon
  20. Thanks Kelpfish. With Mike it will be a sucess for sure
  21. Thanks Justin. That's exactly what i mean...it's nice to share this kind of feeling with you all.
  22. Thanks Mike. It's a honor coming from you. You have been, really, an inspiration for this manta pics for me...i love your manta photos
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