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  1. Thanks Sylvie. It's a dream come true, i wish you see them someday
  2. Thanks Gary. It was the "best" dive ever....till the next one
  3. This was one of the best dives in all my short dive life... It was this easter season in Maldives. We were in a live aboard and after look for mantas at 3 manta points through male nord, sud and Ari with no results...in our last chance we did BINGO!!!. Six huge mantas were dancing for us for a hall hour...as close as 20 cms from our heads...in fact i was slowly caressed twice by wings of two of them...it maybe sound strange but for me it was a mystic encounter...i could only think about how beautifull the scene was...these what i got in pictures...i hope you like it. (all with the Oly 5060 + inon +dome+ 2xDS50). Aren't they a beauty?...this is about why i love diving....
  4. Thanks yahsemtough but Nusantara dive center is the only one we can choose in that travel agency, they don't work with anyone more...!!!!...prices are really good that's why i wonder if anyone have a experience to share. Thanks MikeO. I did it, and i did not get any good information about this resort, even their web page it's under construction...
  5. Does anyone have any information about this resort in Manado? Nusantara Diving Center or NDC manado. Our travel agency trying to send us there next holydays but I can't find much information about it appart from been the first dive center in Manado in....1991... Thanks.
  6. Thanks Mattdiver. Have you heard about Maratua Paradise Resort? it's a new one in Maratua and it's the one my Travel Agency recomend us (They tolds us that Sangalaki resort is not in his best time right now) they sell dive tryps to Sangalaki and Kakaban too.
  7. Hi. We are planning to dive Maratua and Sangalaki this summer. Could someone please tell us how good or bad is the diving there, Does it worth the jorney to dive there? Better to stay in Sangalaki or in Maratua, we know that we can dive both places where ever we stay but for beaches and resort which one would you choose? We have done Sipadan 2 years ago and it was amazing... Thanks for your information.
  8. Well, this is mine. It was taken in Wakatobi this summer
  9. Here they are... some close up while one of them was in a free swiming Another close up Thanks for your comments
  10. Thanks for your nice comments. I've worked hard with this photos during this tryp to make all your advices work. Sometime i get it, most don't. Well...The se...love story First He was looking for her She was looking for him too The way was hard But then.... Coral party [/img] (They are not the same nudis really, even one is from another kind, but a movie makes me fun...
  11. Como ta pasas Mariano!!! It's a bery nice photo. Greit. I love the Lighting. Pues eso que esta de pm
  12. Hey! Just come back from Wakatobi....back to work :'( I've bring with me some greit moments underwater...lot of fun...about the place...well there's a lot to talk about...nice place but the diving....I think i like much more Manado...healthy corals...but the blue it's like a desert...not medium or big fish... Medium visibility and sometimes quick drifts Well, if you wanna know more about Wakatobi i will try to do a tryp report later... Here my 3 first pics. These 2 first done with the inon macro It was like "sex in the coral city" every body having fun This 3 with the wide angle Inon Much more to come... Thanks in advance. (Oly 5060 + Ikelite housing + 2xDS50 + Inon macro)
  13. Hi everybody in here. We are a group of three divers from Spain leaving to Wakatobi from August 5th -16th. Any good recomendations for this trip. We are all photographers (begginers). anybody doing the same trip? Thank you
  14. i'm not. I'm an Ikelite man I have to change my profile, sorry. I will keep my DS50 as a backup strobe or use dual...still don't know...i don't want to think about it i have spent much more than i can to get this set up :roll: For WA it's a little short...maybe for close WA, like the second photo up
  15. Hi beivied. I'm actually using the DS50 in TTL with the Ikelite Housing. Nice set for close and macro shoots. Not for WA. Planning to get another one or maybe a DS125. Here are some more photos from the same trip with the DS50
  16. I'm using Oly 5060 and DS50…much more to learn :?
  17. Hi from Spain. These are some of my pics from Cozumel this last christmast. First time with underwater lenses....so much dificult than i thought...coments wellcome... INON WA INON 65
  18. Hi. Thank u all for your comments in the last post. Here come 5 more. All comments are wellcome. All with Oly 5060, Ikelite housing and DS50 TTL This anemone fish maybe it's too far but i like the way it looks. Little fish lost in the inmensity ;D In these one the background it's too dark but... And corals I wait for your ideas and comments. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi. First, sorry because my bad english Here are some shots from Manado last summer. They were taken with a Oly 5060 in an Ikelite housing with DS50 TTL. Please help me to inprove. Any comments are wellcome. I know i need to work much more. Ok, these are the four first Thanks again :roll:
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