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  1. Thanks Mike!Last week we didn't see them again at the dive site but they still jumping around in the horseshoe bay. Thanks for the trick for Vimeo.I will try that
  2. Hi Peter, Thank you so much for your useful advice I really appreciated that.I just need all good advice like this.All of your advice straight to the point and really useful. About the YouTube,I accepted that I don't really satisfied about video compression from YouTube.I do have Vimeo account but now the problem is it's banned in Indonesia. That's very frustrating for me.When you work and live in Indonesia and can't access to Vimeo website that I paid for Pro account.I just hope that they will cancel this policy later. Thanks again for your advice. Cheers, Nu
  3. Devils in the sky is one of the dive site in Myanmar,Andaman sea.I used to dive there long time ago and we spotted school of Devil rays quite often hence the name. Cannibal rock is world famous dive site in the south of Rinca,Komodo.The dive site named by pioneer diver during survey of the area and they spotted one Komodo dragon eating another in front of what appeared to be a large shallow reef.The dive site covered in yellow and pink soft corals as well as tubastrea and other cup corals.It's so rich of sponge in every color and bouquet of feather star. The cold nutrient-rich water is probably bring the lush growth within the dive site with water temperatures often falling into 20-24 C in dry season(Jun-Oct) and can get warm and clear water in rainy season.Every square inch of the rock full of color and life of verterbrate and inverterbrate species such like Giant frogfish,Nudibranch galore,Ladybug amphipod,etc.During the dry season it's the cold nutrient-rich and green water so we don't expected much to looking for the stuffs in the blue but actually abundant fish out there. This film is one of the best dive I had in Cannibal rock.A hundred of Mobula rays(probably Short-fin Pygmy Devil Ray,Mobula kuhlii) roaming to the current split point.They swoop in and out the rock again and again.When I gazed up to the surface the school of Devil Ray blanketed me and reminded me the dive site "Devils in the sky" in Myanmar's sea but this is much larger scale.I spend about 15 minutes in freezing cold 19C water with this phenomenon,filming with the thrill in my heart.It's absolutely one of the best dive in Komodo. Best fishes, Nu Camera info: Panasonic GH4 + Nauticam housing + Lumix 7-14mm +Lumix 8mm fisheye +2 iTorch Pro 7
  4. Komodo season still going on and we had so many amazing experienced last trip on Black Manta 02-07 JUL 2015.It's such a lucky trip.We have load of Mantas in Manta alley 15+ manta chasing around for mating ritual,School of Cownose ray it's a mini migration that happen annually,Feeding frezny of Whitetip reef sharks and Giant Trevally in Castle rock!!! We have 2 resident eagle rays which have been in Manta on the moon more than a month.We think about we should named this eagle ray soon.Theyjust stick around and feeding on the ground everytime.What'sut macro stuff,Frogfish,Ladybugs,tons of nudi and 2 Rhinopias still there. It was ahhmazing and so lucky trip with lovely and funny guests who always have a big laugh for the whole trip on board. Camera info: Panasonic GH4 + Nauticam housing + Lumix 7-14mm +Olympus 60mm macro+2 iTorch Pro 7 + Xit404 tripod Cownose ray footage from GoPro https://www.facebook.com/livingdreambynu https://www.nuparnupong.com https://www.whitemanta.com
  5. Awesome work!!! Love the little mermaid
  6. Thanks for sharing Pak Bona.It's my pleasure to join the fantastic trip in Komodo with you. Your work is nicely done also.I love to see you keep shooting and sharing stuff more and more. I just got a chance to do this everyday so I've done lots of trial and error. When you got a chance to scouted around the divesite often you'll learn to positioned yourself to get your designed shot. Nothing can compare with learning by doing.Hope you enjoyed your time filming underwater and look forward to see your work more and more. Cheers,
  7. I just use the simple way cut the filter followed the shape of lens buttom and just use the thin tape stick it with the lens.I didn't know that you can replace the lens bayonet like the one on 8mm fisheye.Please let me know if you know how's it work? GH4 definitely need magic filter for manual white balance Thank you so much bro Edward.Thanks for your great product to support my work. Look forward to catch you up and Phoebe in HK. Cheers, Nu
  8. Hi!Most of wide angle shot I use magic filter with 7-14 mm lens,manual white balance and filled with 2 VDO lights from iTorch Pro7 Terima kasih banyak.Yes,they explain me that about the meaning of this song.Beautiful west papua culture
  9. Thanks Mike.The sardine action is on "Two Three Rock" in Misool.It's about December when I filmed it.
  10. Thanks bro Nick.I use photo style CinelikeD with some adjusting Contrast +2 , Sharpness +2,Hue +5 and some post color editing in FCPX.
  11. I haven't been here for a long while This is some short video I edited from Raja Ampat last season by GH4 and some part by Canon 7D. The song in this video is from my special diveguide in Raja Ampat Nikson Soor.He's one of the pioneer diveguide in the area and he kindly donated this beautiful song to me on my first Raja Ampat trip in 2010.The beautiful song show the soul of Papuan at first touch you heard it.Thanks to my brother Nikson Soor. Enjoyed it
  12. Thanks Nick and Big thanks for your suggestion that is what I need. What color grading tool you suggest now?I find out that vdo file from Canon DSLR look so soft that look great in small resolution, but when scaling to larger size it looks so soft and lost some detail.Do you think if I sharpening with some color grading tool could be help? By the way I saw some footage from Panasonic GH2,the vdo file looks great for detail and sharpness.I didn't see any improvement of vdo file from Canon latest model such like 5D MkIII,6D.What do you think about the new comer GH3? Big thanks
  13. Thanks Mike.Yes,Now I'm work full time in Indonesia:) I'm a big fan of you:)
  14. [vimeohd]55360442[/vimeohd] A highlight of Komodo trip from 17-24 NOV 2012. Canon 7D + Nauticam housing + Tokina 10-17 fisheye + 100 L macro + Subsee+10 Lighting:Sola 1200 Vdo,Xit 404 tripod editing in Final Cut Pro X Watch in 720p for the best quality Enjoyed it
  15. Hi!In the beginning part the beautiful reef shot I shoot on shallow depth between 3-8 m but the schooling fish shot was deep about 20-30 m. Usually I have no funky pink rock problem with shallow depth but when go deeper sometime I can see that problem too but I try to re-do manual white balance adjusting a few times and look at the result in live-view LCD then shifting white balance little bit :)I think DSLR vdo has this funky pink rock less than camcorder
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