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  1. Hi Wetpixel, Just a brief note to let you know of progress with the Jonah Housings and their manufacturer. As most of you know we are selling the Jonah Housings here in the US along with Fred at Underwater Phototech and have had some problems. At one point I discontinued selling the Housings until I could work out production quality control issues with the manufacturer. During August we worked out a plan to make certain that the Housings coming into the US market are receiving adequate QC prior to delivery to our US customers. My wife Terrie tested the first 300D Housing, under our new arrangement, :wink: on a recent trip to Fiji and had NO PROBLEMS. She is very pleased with the way the Housing functions and can't wait to use it again. I will be sending this 300D Housing up to Eric and James for a thorough test and review in the next few weeks and am looking forward to their comments.
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