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  1. Hi there, Yes the 5d is included. It's a complete ready to go kit. There's only 1 extension ring included which is for the 100mm f2.8L macro. Everything is auto focus and they are all prime lenses so no zoom / focus gear needed. I've just had my second child and the time to dive is not as much as it used to be, so to to hang on to all this gear seems pointless as by the time I really get back into it, all the gear will be out of date. I would send to Kenya, but i would be using a courier. Would have to check this out though. What about the UK? Africa's so dodgy!
  2. Not at the moment thanks. I've had a couple of offers for the complete kit. Just not as much as I would like! Thanks
  3. Lets have some sensible offers ! It's going to go by the weekend!
  4. Hi there, Thanks for your interest. I live in Australia near Cairns Queensland. I'm looking for offers in the region of +10,000$ Au + shipping. Shipping depends on location but it must be insured and registered. I'll go halves on the insurance part.The kit as new is around 15,000 Au. Thanks Strawbs
  5. I,ve got a 5dmkII housed by aquatica with ikelite bulkhead. Aquatica 9.25 megadome, Macro Port ,Aquatica 18457 Extension Ring. Ikelite Ds125 x2 strobes with smart charger. Ikelite arms.Single and duel sink cables. LENSES. Canon 15mm fisheye mint. Canon f1.4 L 24mm mint Canon F2.8 L 100mm macro mint Sigma 50mm macro. Optically first class , lens barrel has a small ding on filter thread making removal of uv filter tricky. All lenses apart from fisheye have had uv filters since new. The camera and housing were purchased in Jan this year along with the 100mm macro. I have all original packaging apart for the sigma lens. All serious offers considered. Would like to sell as a complete kit. Will ship to most places check first. This item is listed in several places.
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