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  1. hi, the pictures in 'about us' dont display because they probably aren't where the webpage thinks they are. i suggest checking the path to where they should be and either putting them there or change the path to where they actually are. also worth checking to see if your html editor can check for valid or broken links throughout your site. i know that dreamweaver does it no problem. regards, paul.
  2. posted today, 29/6. regards, paul.
  3. ok guys n gals, i got a couple of brand new ike o rings goin for a freebie. Ikelite 0132.59 o ring 8259-5800 CC7 (im guessing this is for a d70 housing) Ikelite 0132.36 o ring 8236 DS125 STROBE will post for free to the first person to reply who can use. best regards, paul.
  4. i also would like some suggestions with regard to best p&s giving minimal shutter lag... i posted a similar thread and got some great answers but the shutter lag issue is what will finally make my decision - until i get some confidence about lag i'll hold off buying anything.
  5. thx for the reply - has been really helpful. im guessing the ixus 800 IS is the UK equivalent of the SD700 IS http://www.canon.co.uk/For_Home/Product_Fi...al_IXUS_800_IS/ and here i can buy camera and housing together for only slightly more than my intended budget. http://www.camerasunderwater.co.uk/d_still...s800/index.html great advice, thx again. regards, paul.
  6. hi, just looking for some recommendations from divers that have experience with canon point and shoot digital compacts. im looking for something 6 - 7mp, movie mode, wide to short tele zoom, small and light, with a 40m rated housing available. i've been looking here http://www.camerasunderwater.co.uk but there is quite a choice and it would kinda be a stab in the dark for me. best regards, paul. Oo forgot to mention i'm looking at a budget of approx £400 for both camera and housing.
  7. i have one of these laptops and they are way, way too heavy & get way, way too hot to take anywhere on location. they are basically a desktop shoved into a big laptop chassis. so, unless you are tight on space at home, forget one of these and you could get a desktop (for home editing) and a useable laptop (for on location) cheaper than the alienware. they are awesome bits of kit but just too damn heavy and get too hot imo.
  8. i have pm'd you anthony. if you failed to get my message take a look here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 or email me here pbella29@hotmail.com regards.
  9. ok guys, all items sold bar: Dome Port 105mm macro regards, paul.
  10. ok heres the deal: due to health reasons i can no longer dive - that alone sux but the fact that i have only just bought a full D70 rig makes it all the worse. consequently, some1 out there is gonna get a real bargain. the only items here that are used are the camera/zoom lens and flash - all the underwater gear i.e. the housing/strobe/ports and FE/macro lens are brand new and boxed. items are: D70 body inc 2 x 1GB CF cards Sigma 18 - 50mm zoom (cheap land lens) 10.5mm Nikon FE 105mm Nikon micro SB600 flash Ikelite D70 iTTL housing DS125 strobe 5503.15 super-wide dome port 5505.5 flat port if any1 out there is interested in all this gear then please make contact and we can talk more - i will provide photos of all the gear and original boxes if required. the items are located in the east of england (UK) and i would prerer if the buyer collects but can negotiate if interested and unable to. there is approx £3700 worth of gear here at new prices - am looking for £2500 as all the gear apart from the camera body and zoom lens are totally brand new and unused. thx and regards, paul bellamy.
  11. If you are searching for inspiration look no further than: http://www.amustard.com/newgal/ I dont wanna sound kiss-ass but the images, presentation and interface are nothing short of awesome. Did you design/program the flash Alex? Regards, Paul.
  12. 70lbs now thats err.... 31.7514659kg in english money - great news !!
  13. this kind of customer service response is one of many reasons that influenced me buying ikelite.
  14. i have bought all my lenses from this seller also. very quick and reliable delivery, 3 days fed-ex and the goods are the real deal.
  15. g'day, any1 tried using 1 strobe and a reflector on a second strobe arm for macro stuff? just a thought... paul.
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