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  1. Hi All, I just got to use the new 10Bar Housing from HK with my GF1 14-45mm setup. I borrowed it from my friend who got it last week and he was kind enough to let me try it out. I was using a Remora strobe for the setup. On the case, I liked the ease of the dedicated buttons. Although I have no experience with the previous version, the revised housing was easy to use and the buttons were accessible. I didnt feel I had to do much more on this setup than my Lumix tz3 and canon g11 setup with manufacturer casings. the only function i needed to get used to was the zooming in/out. with my previous setup since they were point and shoots all i had to do was move a lever around to zoom in/out. Being the first time using this setup, I was quite disappointed with using my kit lens 14-45mm. I though i was going to be able to use it stock but I could not focus on objects without having to move out to let the camera focus on the subject. No luck using auto nor manual focus. Would anyone know what causes this? Two suggestions have been given to me. One is to use a focus light. The second is to use a 2x macro lens. Will this enable me to take close up macro shots? Im worried that I will invest in my own housing and the accessories and get subpar photos. I got the GF1 thinking it would be better than my point and shoots. I would have to say the wide angled shots and videos were quite amazing. I had to fiddle with some settings (not as easy to use as the underwater settings for the point and shoots) but it came out ok. btw, i noticed water consistently breached the outer oring but the second (seems to be main) O-ring prevented water from seeping into the case. Is this normal or should both be water tight? From what I see in the case design it seems water would enter the first seal. I was able to bring the case to 25m only and no leaks occured. My main reason for this setup was for macro shots so hope someone can give me suggestions. Due to budget constraints I have to work with my kit lens for now. I would get the 45mm macro but I wont be able to spend that much more. I can get an Olympus 2x 67mm macro lens and the 10bar wet lens mount but thats it. Thanks
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