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  1. Jock, Thank you for the great info. I completely missed the workaround by coroander. I need to get on this forum more often! And yes I agree on the ISO drop to 100 could be helpful. I won't get wet until first week of March, so it will have to wait. the good thing is I most likely will get to go with Phil Rudin or maybe Chris Parsons if they are around. Cheers!
  2. Can anyone comment on the changes in Firmware version 2.0? It looks like the focus can be narrowed to 5X7. How do you set it? Is it a good thing or bad? I am mainly looking for feedback based on shooting macro. Thanks!
  3. Thank you, makes perfect sense. It is always fascinating to me that after diving in the South Florida area along with most of the Caribbean, I still see new stuff. Almost 40 years now, which only becomes interesting because I started diving at 7 years old....
  4. Thanks! Not so nice, as it looks like it is a Western Pacific fish, and the Blue Heron Bridge is in the Western Atlantic!
  5. Or some kink of egg casing? Blue heron Bridge. About 4 inches across.
  6. Gotcha, I was actually thinking the opposite and keeping the shutter speed high to reduce ambient light.
  7. I always think overexposed because I am drawn to the light, and that is at the bottom where there is nothing! but sand anyway. So move the strobes further out, point them more outwards, and maybe position them a little higher? Or at least pointed more upward?
  8. Yes the picture. I was merely stating the rig is band new rig and I had never shot WA.
  9. Oops, sorry forgot that. F/11, 1/250, ISO200, center weighted
  10. Rig: OM-D EM-5 PT-EO8 8mm Pana Zen 100mm Dome Dual Inon Z240-2 I have never shot WA like this so I am very green.
  11. Alex, Thanks so much for this info. I already have the 8mm Pana and Zen dome, and pick up my camera and housing from Cathy this Thursday. This info could not have come at a better time, as this rig will be my fisheye solution. Maybe we can meet up. We are staying at Sunshine Suites and diving with Dusty.
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