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  1. Now $3600 Includes: Nikon D7000 body Nauticam D7000 housing Tokina 10-17mm lens and 1.4TC (with zoom gears) Zen mini dome port Macro port for 60mm and 105mm lenses Ikelite DS-125 and DS-160 strobes with batteries and charger Sola 600 focus light 3 sync cables Arms Clamps o-rings tools Pelican case This is a turnkey system -- go shoot tomorrow!
  2. Selling a complete Nauticam D7000 rig. The rig has served me very well and has never been flooded. Details are at: http://www.raptureofthedeep.net/camera Please EMAIL (see page for email address) if you have any questions or want to arrange purchase -- I don't check my PMs on here quite as frequently. -Scott
  3. One of the aspect of underwater photography I find most difficult is separating my emotions surrounding a shot and the shot itself. In other words, I find it very difficult to judge one of my photos objectively without recalling the particular dive or destination it came from. This makes it difficult to identify which images should be entered in competitions or used as signature photos. I don't think I am alone in this regard, but recently it struck me that maybe there is a more efficient way of doing this. With this in mind, I'm wondering if anyone out there is interested in a "portfolio review" system here on Wetpixel. Here's what I imagine... 1. Senior photographers interested in critiquing portfolios would volunteer to critique a handful of portfolios (I imagine each critique would take 10-30 mins at most). Ideally this would be established uw photographers with experience in judging or evaluating work. 2. Wetpixel members interested in being evaluated would submit a portfolio of 20-50 of their (subjectively) best photos 3. The senior members identified above would browse these photos and identify the overall technical strengths of the portfolio, the weaknesses, and the strongest images. Any thoughts? Sound interesting to anyone?
  4. I realize I'm a little late to this party, but I wanted to share my most memorable photo of 2012. As some of you may know, the Pacific Northwest is known for its species of sixgill cowsharks, one of the most ancient species of sharks still around today (and one of the few with only one small dorsal fin). While sixgill sightings were once common, to my knowledge there have been few (if any) sightings in the past 7 years. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a small group of these animals at a particular dive site last summer. It appeared that there were at least 3 distinct sixgills in the area, all relatively young and ranging in size from 3 feet to 9 feet long. This is a photo of the largest animal, a very docile sixgill who allowed us to photograph him for the better part of 30 minutes before we had to return to shallower waters for decompression.
  5. Thanks everyone! We're taking this to the Dept of Fish and Wildlife tomorrow in hopes of getting an emergency ban on GPO harvest at this dive site. Hopefully this will go well and we can open a dialogue about larger changes in the future.
  6. Fellow dive photo geeks, Last Wednesday (Oct 31), my Seattle-based dive buddy and I witnessed a pair of young gentleman violently taking a 70lb giant pacific octopus (GPO) from a very well-known dive site (Alki Beach) and throwing it in the back of their pickup truck (for more information visit http://www.raptureof...eep.net/alkigpo). Quite surprisingly this species has been given very little protection, and GPO harvesting is completely legal year-round in the state of Washington. While their behavior is not technically illegal, the event has ignited a huge nationwide controversy and the story has been picked up by several national news agencies including the Associated Press. Rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of this event, however, we have begun a campaign to change these archaic laws and limit the harvesting of GPOs from this and potentially other popular dive sites. Many of you have visited the Pacific Northwest in search of these majestic creatures, and I would like to respectfully ask for your help in petitioning our state fisheries department to change the rules on GPO harvesting. The link can be found at the following site: http://www.divenewsn...84-save-the-gpo Thanks for your help in saving one of the most amazing underwater creatures I know of! Scott Lundy Rapture of the Deep Digital Media www.raptureofthedeep.net
  7. Stellar photos -- this is going to be an exciting rig! Any chance of getting a full size jpeg at some point?
  8. Love the octo shot and the schooling action Martin -- great stuff
  9. Thanks for the kind words -- the 5th photo was taken with a Tokina 12-24mm set wide open for a 30 sec exposure at ISO3200 -- any longer would have resulted in star trails. The D7000 does reasonably well at long exposures and high noise, but in hindsight I probably should have stacked multiple exposures to bring out the milky way even more Here's another composition of the same night sky, plus one during the day for good measure
  10. I recently returned from an excellent trip to the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji. While the visibility was rather mediocre for most of our trip, the diving (and especially the diversity of life) was spectacular. Here are a few of my favorites -- for the full gallery visit: Fiji | Rapture of the Deep Photography
  11. I chose Zenfolio primarily because the customization within smugmug is all CSS based and not very intuitive for me. The zenfolio editor is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), and I can tweak it to my heart's desire and see the outcome right away. This means that at any given time I can have 3-4 custom website designs in the works or completed, and by simply clicking a button I can change the entire appearance instantly. Zenfolio has also recently added HD video and is in the process of adding a photoblog feature, both things I foresee using a great deal in the future. Finally, Zenfolio is a little cheaper and a little more powerful when it comes to printing options (pro labs, boutique packaging, self fulfillment of orders, etc). As usual, YMMV and this info may be outdated since I last checked.
  12. I'd like to cast my vote for Zenfolio, a similar service with a slightly different feature set. This includes a very powerful and intuitive interface to change the appearance of your website. I've been with them for a while and love them! Rapture of the Deep Digital Media
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