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  1. I have a nikon NAd700 housing for sale,in great condition, need to sell to upgrade. email me for pics and price. NOT LOOKING TO PART OUT, but will consider separate offers for macro port for 105mm. The housing comes with a 9 inch dome port from Zen underwater and an extension ring to house the 14-24mm from nikon. The housing and port combos are epic and work well with their specific lens and this housing has been great to me, hate to see it go but on to better and bigger things . ryan.waller.613@gmail.com will do international shipping but not paying for it.
  2. Hey everyone, I will be going on a trip to ft. Lauterdale Florida From the 30th of December to the 7th of January and am wondering where are the best spots to hit. I also would like to know of a good, cheap dive shop because I am a college student on a budget. I am really interested in shark diving preferably no cage and would also love to shoot a lot of macro for my portfolio. I have strobes so depth is not an issue.
  3. Nauticam NA-D700 UW housing (3,500) $3,200 Zen 9 inch Coated Dome port (1899.00) $1,600 (fits 16mm wide) Nauticam Extension Ring 70 w/lock and zoom ring (330) $300 *this allows the 14-24mm F2.8 wide-angle zoom to fit the 9 inch dome port. Nauticam Macro Flat Port 87 for 105mm 2.8 VR lens (400) $400 * only used about six times (2) Sea&Sea YS 250 Pro UW strobes (1069.95/per unit) $980/per unit Batteries (128/per batt) $110/per batt chargers included. (4) Ultralight 8inch, 1 inch in diameter buoyancy arms and (2) 12inch, 1inch in diameter buoyancy arms (55.95/per arm) $30/per arm (6) Ultralight Clamps for buoyancy arms (34.95/per clamp) $20/per clamp Sea & Sea Dual Sync Chord 5pin (199) $125 (2) Fiber Optics Back-Ups (80/per chord) $60/per chord (2) Maintenance tool boxes (70) $40 *o-ring grease, batteries, head lamp, q-tips, dome port cloth, and all necessary tools for housing and strobes as well as o-ring removers. Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 hand bag for strobes and dome port (169) $150 Think Tank Airport Takeoff roller bag (329.75) $300 Nikon D700 (2699.95) $2500 Nikon 14-24mm F 2.8 (1999.95) $1900 Cant sell ya the 105mm macro, Sorry. ryan.waller.613@gmail.com
  4. I am selling my Nauticam d700 housing complete set up (only thing not included is lenses). Nauticam Housing for D700 D700 9 inch Zen dome port Dual nano-crystal coated (same coating as the lenses) with extension tube and zoom ring for the nikon 14-24mm f 2.8 105mm macro flat port 2-Sea and sea YZ 250 strobes complete with dual split sync chord Ultra light control arms 4- 8 inch and 2- 12 inch arms Tool kits with all necessary care items including q tips, o ring removers, allen wrenches and all other needed tools. Contact me for pricing. I have had this for about a year and a half and its logged about 30 dives between the Channel Islands and pool shoots that I did while studying UW photography at Brooks Institute. Has a few minor scratches on the bottom of the housing from being set down on the deck of dive boats but otherwise in pristine condition. I am only selling this because I have an opportunity to upgrade to the new RED scarlet. Contact me via email or telephone for pricing. 760.638.3978 or ryan.waller.613@gmail.com.
  5. I am selling my: Nikon D300 (12.3 mega pixels, 6-8 frames a sec.) cropped sensor makes all you lenses longer good for nature or sports ($1200 0BO) 18-35mm Quantaray lens ($100 obo) Aquatech D2 housing for D300/200 ($1200 obo if you want pistol grip or flash those wires need to be replaced, O-rings need replacing as well) A flat port for small to medium lenses (60mm, 50mm, 24mm, 20mm)(Front element needs replacing) ($375) A 6 inch dome port for 10.5, 20, or 24 ($400) good condition A small tamrac Camera bag ($40) Package for $3315 or items individually. Its a great beginners housing and is exceptional for surf photography and has options (if extra pieces are bought from aquatech) to be an advanced housing for TTL and slaved flash units which is great for magic hour wide angle surf shots. The replacement parts are fairly inexpensive and I bought the housing for 1700. I'm located in Santa Barbara, California and have no money to ship/drive it anywhere but if your interested email me at ryan.waller.613@gmail.com
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