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  1. steve housing has about 100 dives to it- so i ll have the rum myself taking some micro mesh with -cause i can see im gonna scratch the port trying the lens above water i have been touching the port to stuff -cant believe how close it focus tahnx for all the advice saving for the 60mm
  2. well the tokina got here today at almost half the price than the shops wanted from digital world international in 3 days yeaah even better it fits my 6" port perfectly will most probably get flooded on the 1st dive as i ve used up me good luck it feels cant wait to get it UW thinking seriously about a 60mm macro now as i have a lil bit of $$ left
  3. ordered a tokina 10-17 thanx
  4. i have a 6inch port -which takes the factory std 18-55 lens with which i have had some good stuff ports seems cheap compared to the lenses do yourself a favour check out Rowley Shoals of the north west coast of australia 26-28 deg c 80 m viz depending on tide it can be more- kid u not heading back there again onewolf "I have both the Tokina 10-17 and the Canon EF-S 60macro for my T2i. I can't imagine having just one or the other. But if I could have just one it would be the 60 macro. Maybe" my problem is that i would most probably have to get another camera to get a macro setup for as there is too much too take with a single setup - but i couldnt afford that
  5. Spit -good old spit-- after the 1st toothpaste rub till your fingers are sore an dyes the flame method does work -do it carefully spit has at least 3 advantages - you never leave it home , it doesnt cost aything and best- your buddy never wants to borrow it cary as for the leaking mask -try wearing the mask with the nose pocket down- not on your forehead gotta teach u over easters everything
  6. would the autofocus still work with the tokina thanx a lot for the suggestions
  7. if u had to buy 1 U/W lens for a canon 450 in a ikelite housing with a ds125 strobe what lens would u buy?
  8. hi all i m new to the forum got a canon 450 in ikelite housing with ds125 strobe
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