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  1. Would you post to Australia? Perth 6027 Cheers
  2. Not wanting to sound obvious but the hot shoe connector from the bulkhead is in the correct way. On my canon it slides in both ways but will only fire when placed in one direction. Just a thought as this has happened to me also.
  3. I just bought a Low Pro Runner 450AW. It's described as airline friendly. I managed to get a Aquatica 5dMK11 housing, macro port with extension , 4 lenses (15mm, 24mm L, sigma 50mm,100mm L) 2x ds125's ,viewfinder ,arms and chargers + 15"MBP. All this weighs over 15kg's though and I still can't get the megadome in. So i've put that in a Low Pro nova 200 AW. If i do get pulled then I can get about 7-8kg's in both and a little less with the laptop in it 's own bag. I just get the felling of being like a pack horse lugging all these bags about. I've checked gear in before but on a couple of occasions bags have gone missing ( clothes not camera gear thank god) so it's not a risk worth taking for me. I did look at the Kata bumblee 220. It looks like an awesome bag but was just over the airline size's that i've been told.
  4. I used Air Asia over the Xmas period from Perth to London and would highly recommend them. They were almost $4500 cheaper than Emirates or Singapore for 3 adults and a child. The attendants were very quick , efficient and polite. Just make sure you buy as much luggage allowance as you can as they will charge out of London for every gram over. They also do an extra 15kgs for 15 pounds for sporting goods which I overheard at check in. Well worth the money!!
  5. There web site is still there but there was no reply to emails and the xmas island tourist board say they no longer operate? The Rowley Shoals are only be dived from October to December. I'm looking to go in the next month. Thanks for the advice though.
  6. I think IODA is no longer there. From what I have found out there seems to be just 2 companies. Wet and Wild, and Xmas Island divers. XID has just been taking over in the last year. I spoke to a guy called Simon who seemed very helpful and accommodating. Nothing from W&W. I'll be flying from home in Perth, so were just planing on a long weekend's worth of diving. Anything within 3000km is almost considered next door here, so we'll check Cocos out another time.
  7. Hi there. I was wondering if anyone has been to Xmas Island near Australia. I'm looking at going at the end of Feb beginning of March when the whale sharks and mantas are still about v's much improved viss! If anyone out there has any advice or opinions on dive operators, accommodation etc, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Robert
  8. Yes Steve that is me. Doing a little digging about I see. I would quite happily post work. Thats why I put stuff on flicker, but getting comments and advice seems hard. I'm only new to underwater photography. I started of with an old canon D300 in an ikelite, and got bitten. I can't get out enough. The komodo trip was with a guy called Jeff Mullins. Top bloke and great trip. I'm hopping to get out with him again later on next year. Maybe I should put something in an other section. As far as this H20 topic goes, I think i've said my piece. Cheers Robert
  9. Here's a little hope for you Mert, My final few items turned up today. 5 and a bit months after order. To be honest I never expected them. I had already purchased these bits elsewhere though. So now i've got spares. I'll keep my word and pay something towards the viewfinder but I think it would be reasonable to take of my expenses in making the kit work myself. There was still no communication though by H20 in letting me know of the shipment or about any intentions when they were notified about the messed up order. Hang in there mate, your stuff will turn up!!
  10. Were would the place be then? If the guy won't reply to e-mails and phone calls so as to avoid this kind of public flogging.Maybe "putting out of business" is a little harsh but when I read this post it makes my blood boil again. If myself and Mert had know this before our purchase we and others would have probably shopped elsewhere. When I started my own post I didn't jump in with all guns blazing. I was hoping it may have given him a wake up call to pull his finger out, but didn't. As everybody knows here this stuff isn't cheep. Your paying them thousands of dollars up front without H20 even having the items in stock. In return I don't think it's too much to ask for a little honesty ,respect and half decent customer service, oh and the items you've actually ordered! I've built two businesses up from nothing in the past 18 years. I've never advertised once . All my work has come from word of mouth. My reputation is everything. I'm not saying i've never had an awaked customer but when i have i've bent over backwards to make sure there eventually satisfied. Things would never get as far as what they are on here. Word of mouth travels far,especially when your sat on a dive boat having a few beers on an evening. In such a small community reputation is everything. H20's is not good. He can't even be bothered to defend himself , that speaks volumes in its self! I and i'm sure Mert will never recommend this company to anyone.
  11. Sorry Steve, This sounds all too familiar. This sounds like Mikes bullshit again. Did he check his back room. It won't have even been posted yet!!
  12. Hi there, I found that by calling around about 2pm LA time seemed the most productive for actually speaking to somebody. Still it was all bull shit though. Have you got his personal e-mail? You've just got to keep on and on at them. It's a real pain in the arse but there's nothing else you can do. I must have sent close to 100 e-mails in 4 months and still have an incomplete order, only small stuff missing though. I feel really sorry for you mate and hope this get's sorted. Just keep naming and shaming though. Maybe we can get him put out of business. This type of service is not on!!! Robert
  13. I completely agree Steve. I do think people should inform others of both bad and good experiences with retailers. I'm a strong believer in name and shame. If people have they correct info, then they can choose not to shop with a particular dealer, then in time they either have to get there act together or shut up shop!! Just to finish my contribution off, I purchased all the extra bits from Backscatter last Monday. Ordered over the internet, shipped on Monday arrived Thursday in Australia. I went diving Saturday, all works great. They were very efficient and quick, and the ordering process on the web site works great. Oh and the free viewfinder is awesome!! cheers to all Robert
  14. Hi there, I'm not sure if this has come across correctly. My main problem is not with how long it took for the items to arrive, even though 4 months is a bit long. Its the fact that I was told items had been posted when they hadn't. If from the start I had been told i't would take that long then so be it. I understand that part of the problem with the megadome was to do with Aquaticas supplier and they were not making any, but in the other hand apparently they did have mine at one point, so were that went I don't know. I've ordered many things internationally and never had a problem, and I will continue to do so. If 2 people are selling the same thing and you can save $1000+ then who in there right mind would pay that much more. To be fair to Mike at no point did he try and sell me anything I didn't want or need, and he's never charged me any postage for my waiting. His advice was always good and fair. The worlds not that big any more and the difference from Perth to LA's not much different to Cairns on the other side of the continent. The time difference is a pain with LA being 15 hrs behind though. I did speak to Scuba pix over here who are the main and ONLY dealer in OZ both for Aquatica and Nauticam which gives them the monopoly on a whole continent. At the time I was toying between a 7D and 5DMKII. Not only was the price more to start with, they weren't open to any kind of negotiation on a complete kit. Also they were trying to direct me towards the 7D in Nauticam which at the time seemed ok because I had the ikelite ports and with the adapter they would have worked. They weren't really interested and tried to sell me ports, strobes and arms which I apparently needed. The prices for the strobes and arms were highly over inflated just within Australian prices. I spoke to my "local agent " on Friday to inquire about bulkheads and Sync cords. Nikonus to ikelite dual $360 ish + $44 overnight postage, from digital diver still in Cairns $160 + $ 18 overnight postage. Bulkhead $350 ish , internet $110. Strobe arm adaptors $55 each, backscater about $ 26 AU each. Need I really say any more. At the end of the day I work hard for my money and won't pay more than I have to, and unfortunately I may go through this again as i'm now looking for a second 5D housing. All i'm doing is trying to share my experience with a particular company so people can judge for themselves.Who's to say if I had gone with my Ozzy dealer things would have been any different. Thanks Robert
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