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  1. Naa! got pipped in the last 10 seconds!! gutted!!
  2. hahaha!! cheers mate...I would do...but I think Lou may have something to say about that!! can you take a peek at this and tell me what you think...thanks http://cgi.ebay.com/Canon-Ikelite-Digital-...9#ht_500wt_1156
  3. Hi all. I currently own an old canon 300d with an ikelite housing...of which has been fine with the little knowledge I have. I've been looking at wide angle lenses and new dome to support it...along with a strobe set up....but the price for all is stacking up! I'm off to Tiger beach in March and want the right gear to capture these amazing sharks.....without spending a fortune. The problem is,do I spend the cash to build up my set up...or risk buying second hand...!! I guess its down to luck really! Anyway,your input would be greatly appreciated....and I guess i'm willing to pay upto $2000...at a push Thanks Garin...the forum virgin!!
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