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  1. I am just an amateur underwater photographer, but nonetheless here is my opinion. I think that the purity of getting the perfect shot, is really something, that is in your own mind. It is something I personally will strive for, but especially in underwater photography most of the images can certainly be improved by some post processing. Especially wide angle. For the viewer of a photography, I guess that he/she really doesn't care about how the photo was taken or how much post processing that was done. What matters is, that the end result moves you in some way. That it has a wow factor. The conclusion from my side is, that I think that the technological opportunities should be used for those who want to, without me or other people thinking it is fake, because we are purists. Only thing I don't like is when you manipulate with a photo, like adding a diver to a photo for some effect. Again I don't mind as long as the photographer mentions it. Like the wellknown pigmy shot in Alexander Mustards great book. I have always been pretty conservative about new technologies, but have to admit that I have not always been correct (got my first mobile phone 44 year old). So in my view, feel free to play around and get some excellent end results, that hopefully can get the viewer to appreciate the wonderful world below the surface.
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