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  1. I have a used strike housing for my Canon 580 mkII, I'd like to keep my flash and sell just the housing but if want the housing and need a 580 II than make me an offer for both and I might sell them together. I've only used this housing a handful of times, I believe it's an older model since it looks a bit different to what AquaTech is showing on their current website. This flash housing has three snap clamps instead of the newer allen screws. The condition is great, I have a five+ year old camera housing for my canon 7D and never had a single issue, I keep my gear clean and lubed. The original coil cord that connects the flash to the main camera housing rotted out so I purchased a new short cord that is not coiled and also a longer cord tha I believe is 10 meters. The longer cord was used for some pool underwater work I did (camera underwater and the flash housing high and dry triggering my studio lights via a radio trigger). Both cords are included. The original small mount for attaching the flash housing to the main camera housing is gone and I have the off center plate that mounts this to the grip handle (longer screws included). I'm sure the small mount is available through AquaTech if you want to go that road. The other cords included are your hotshoe cord. A tool for prying open the housing door, this came with the housing and makes it easy to open but you should be able to open the housing without it. Not really sure what used strike housings go for but I'm guessing maybe around $400, better than $695 for new. Located in Oceanside (Southern California) Jeffrey I have a website at http://www.jeffreyfortuna.com/that has some underwater work including some of the pool work I mentioned. Jeffreyfortuna at gmail I'm new here but have over 160 ebay transaction with 100% positive ratings. I'm open to ship so message me for estimated shipping cost if you're interested.
  2. I also have a 7D but in a Aqua Tech housing with 8" Dome. So far I've been shooting with the tokina 10-17 fish. I have the fish for sale now on ebay as part of a HCW housing. My plan was to buy both a Tokina 11-16 & a LP-DWZ. That's the non-dome port for the canon 10-22. Anyone know if the 11-16 will fit that same port, the outside dimensions of the two lenses look almost identical. I thought we weren't supposed to shoot a corrected lens in a dome port? I don't think the 8" dome port I have will except such wide lenses like the 10-22 or the 11-16. Jeffrey
  3. I have this HCW Housing for sale. A nice complete package ready to use. See ad below for more details. I've racked up a decent amount of cover shots, catalog photos and calendar photos with this et up and have since moved on to a 7D in a Aquatech housing so I can shoot video as well. Let me know if you have any questions. Jeffrey http://cgi.ebay.com/HCW-Water-Housing-Cano...#ht_1028wt_1141
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