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  1. I have what I wanted. This post may be deleted!
  2. Thank you Chris for the reply. What would be your best price in case i can't find a separate back assembly?? Kind regards, Frank
  3. I would like to buy the back assembly (back plate) of an Ikelite housing or a Nikon D80 or D90. It isn't the plate itself I'm looking for but all the items on it (viewfinder, knobs, levers, TTL-connector...) but a complete assembly will be fine. Thanks
  4. Not searching anymore for the flat port or the ball adapter! Thanks, regards!
  5. If you should change your mind you can PM me.
  6. Hi, I'm interested in the 5510.35 flat. And the ball (the one on the right lower corner for mounting on a flat surface). Do you also ship to Belgium? Can pay with Paypal. Kind regards!
  7. Hi, I don't need the strobes anymore. I did find other ones. Because I didn't get an answer my search went on: so my bid is off. Sorry...
  8. Hi, I don't need the strobes anymore. I did find other ones. Because I didn't get an answer my search went on: so my bid is off. Sorry...
  9. Hi John, I just need the strobes. You're proposal is fine for me, also regarding the shipment cost. I can pay with Paypal. Greetz, Frank
  10. Hi, do you ship to Europe!? If so, I'm interested. Is the price with of without shipment? I have 2 EV's at home (used them on my compact together with DS-51, have now DSLR met double sync on DS-51) so I don't need them. Will this drop the price?
  11. Hi, see also your other topic about the DS161. I'm agreed with the asking price. HAve a nice day.
  12. PS: the 2 fiberoptic cables and 2 fiberoptic cable adapters doesn't have to be included because I have an Ikeite housing and have already the dual sync cord... See there is someone who is interested in the whole set. In that case I'm willing to offer the 1500... (have Paypal)
  13. For 1300 + shipment I'm interested... (300 more than at the other topic ;-) ) nelissen.f@gmail.com
  14. Hi, do you sell the strobes separately? If so, are you willing to sent them to Europe and what will be your best price? Kind regards
  15. I see there are also Ikelite strobes mounted. Are they for sale and if so, what type are they? Might be interested. Repost: sorry, see your nickname and did ask it already on the other topic.
  16. Hi, I'm interested for both. Do you ship to Europe? If so, please let me know at flurk64@gmail.com Have a splendid day!
  17. OK, pity for me. Nevertheless thank you for the reply!
  18. Hi Mike, I don't get it... You dropped the price but still it is more than 120$ more than than ebay-price... If you still have it, what will be your best price (including shipment to Belgium). Afterwards I must buy an adapter for using it on an Ikelite housing.... Kind regards, Frank
  19. Hi pkdk, do you still have the viewfinder? If so, are you willing to sent it to Belgium and what will be your best price, including shipment. Kind regards, F.
  20. Hi, I'm looking for an Inon or Dyron 45 degrees fiewfinder for an Ikelite housing.
  21. Hello, is the UFL 165AD already sold? If no, what's your price? And do you send it to Europe as well? If so, can you make me an offer? Thank you. Kind regards, Frank Belgium
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