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  1. Here is the best of a full year's worth of footage taken from all over the Riviera Maya here in the Mexican Caribbean. I know it is long but it's totally worth watching in its entirety. Let me know if you are unable to watch this video. Please share this with everyone who loves the outdoors, animals, or underwater exploration. Edited and moved to correct forum: Admin
  2. I filmed this the other day when I took a couple over from Playa del Carmen to dive Cozumel. We did Palancar caves and Paso de Cedral and check out the incredible footage I got. Not only 4 nurse sharks in a feeding frenzy, but some turtle and spotted eagle ray action as well! Enjoy!
  3. Each year we log more and more whale sharks coming into the area. This year there's been an estimated 400+ whale sharks in the area. I am posting a video of the trip we are running every season. We take out fewer people in our nice offshore boat that gets us to the area really quick. This gives us more time in the water with the sharks. If you have any questions about this trip PM me. In this particular video I had a family of 5 with the youngest one being 5 year olds...making him the youngest yet, that we've had, go on the trip! He loved it! Let me know what you think about my video and how may may can improve it. All advice welcome!
  4. I am just one of the 20something dive shops here and I DO NOT chum or feed or disrupt any natural behaviors of the animals here. I know most the others are doing the same. I also know that 2 weeks ago all the owners of all the shops met at city hall. We are working on a resolution that would protest the area from shark fishing and compensate the fishermen. This is ALL local (dive shops owners) effort. We are the ones paying lawyers here to draft this and make it legal. And how do you think we pay for these expenses...by offering all types of dives and the bull shark dive one that we can sell, but it is also a great dive for those who have dreamt of photographing a large predator in the wild. Doesn't matter if its in the Serengeti filming lions or on the bottom of the sea floor shooting bull sharks. Without the money that comes in from these shark dives, trying to cover lawyer fees, court cost, etc. would put a huge financial strain on alot of shops here. Since the swine flu hit, this area never really has bounced back. I have lived here eight years and can tell you what weeks are high and low and for the last 24 months numbers are down in every month. I am friends with owners of alot of the other shops and we all say the same thing. It's been down. Alot of shops aren't even doing these shark dives but once a week, like mine. And I am only taking 2-4 divers max so it's not like I am bombarding the bulls with a big group, forcing them to find other hunting grounds. Part of this agreement with the fishermen will include regulations for dive shops regarding things like queing up on the surface to make the dive rather than boats dropping a bunch of divers ontop of each other. Also if you will feed, how that must happen. Maybe even having each guest to pay a park entry fee, thus making it a protect marine park area. These are all things that take time and money and full time attention by people who are here full time. We are doing what we can. If you have any suggestions please let me/us know. Also you can read about what we are doing and even sign a petition here: http://www.blueheartsociety.org/
  5. Alot of you probably read about the slaughter of numerous bull sharks around the Playa del Carmen area of Mexico a couple weeks ago. Well I have made a few dives with them and we are seeing no less than 10 sharks, and that's with me not feeding or baiting them in. And when you see how close these guys come to us ...you can imagine what could happen if we did take some food down there! These sharks will remain in our area until about March so long as the fisherman remain not fishing for them. So as long as they are here, I will be making these dives every week getting face to face with them!
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